Sunday, November 22, 2015

Rose | 3 Months

Hi. . . I have not completely forgotten about this blog, I promise.  My new life has just taken a little to adjust to, and I hope to get back to some more regular posts in the near future.  Until then my quest is to at least get my monthly baby updates done - mostly so I don't forget about these things that go by and change way too fast!

It feels a little funny to say my new life, but it seriously feels like a brand new life.  I knew that having a baby would completely change things - which it totally has.  But I don't think I was ever taking into consideration the other changes that would be coming a long with it, like work and relationship life.  I've been fortunate and lucky enough to be able to take on a new roll at my job that allows me the flexibility to be with Rose everyday, which I couldn't be happier about.  Instead of working up front with the students and teachers like I was, I'm now more on the back operational end of things.  I started back with my new roll when Rose was about 6 weeks old, and we've been getting into our groove.  I usually go into the studio a few days a week, the rest of the days I work from home.  It's been a little bit of a challenge figuring out how to work with my new assistant - but really I think I was more nervous about it then I needed to be.

Another added bonus is the fact that I actually get to see Martin everyday of the week.  We used to have completely opposite schedules, and were just like ships passing in the night.  Now we get to actually sit down and have dinner together everyday which is really nice.  We've been making a habit, starting this last month, to have dinner at the table every night - we used to be exceptionally guilty of plopping our butts on the couch and eating in front of the TV every night.  We put Rose in her chair at the table, and have a family dinner.

Speaking of Rose, my little munchkin is now 3 months old.  She is getting SO big.  I swear she felt like she packed on a few pounds just over night the other day.

There is no doctors appointment at month 3 so I don't have an official height/weight check in.  But we had a little impromptu doctors appointment half way through the month due to a not so pretty rash she ended up with on her face and she had already packed on a pound and a half since her 2 month check up.  The rash just ended up being cradle cap, which I had a feeling, thanks Google, but I wanted to make sure.  It cleared up in just a few days with some cream the doctor gave us.

A few highlights from month 3. . .

We switched from disposable to cloth diapers at the beginning of the month.  I was most definitely I little hesitant at first.  It was always the plan, in fact I had stocked up on them before she was even born, but had read that they work best once baby has grown a bit, so we waited for awhile.  The first few days I was not feeling it, but after about a week I got in the groove of using them - and now I totally love them.  We're using the Bumgenius 4.0, and since the switch we have had no major blow outs which is a major plus.

Rose had her first Halloween.  The costume was short lived, but she had it on long enough for me and my mom to snap some pictures.  It was so hard to find anything to fit her other the onesies, but you only have your first Halloween once so we needed a costume!

Rose has been loving her play mat.  She has become so much more interactive this month swing and grabbing the animals.  We also had our first roll this month.  The same day I took her into the doctors for the rash on her face she rolled from her front to her back, several times.  I was kinda surprised at first because we hadn't even come kinda close to rolling before, so I kept flipping her back over, and she kept rolling over.  The doctor said it was probably just an accident so I took her back home and put her back on her tummy and she did it again.  Now it's definitely an elective thing.  There is no rolling over on a consistent basis, but some day's she'll go for it and others not so much.

She's still a great sleeper, though lately she's been so noisy around 5 am.  We are still going strong with breastfeeding, and have yet to successfully have daddy give her a whole bottle.  She has no idea was to do with a pacifier.  She loves her bath, but isn't too fond of the time it takes for us to try her off and get her in her jammies.  She's a cat napper during the day, anything past 45 minutes is way out of the ordinary.  She loves being out and about.  She is officially now in pretty much all 3 - 6 month clothes.  She can babble up a storm, and is so close to getting a giggle in there - which we are so looking forward to hearing!  We are loving our little girl more and more everyday!