Monday, October 26, 2015

Rose | 2 Months

This little girl turned 2 months old a week ago . . . time flies, and I'm already getting behind on keeping up to date with her little updates!  It's crazy how it seems like she's been with us for so much longer than 2 months, in the best way possible.  She's just changed so much that it feels like she's been around for a whole lot longer.

She has continued to be the sweetest little baby, looking a whole lot like her daddy right now.

She started sleeping through the night nearly a month ago - which I know we are so lucky that she's sleeping so good (knock on wood).  I can feed her and put her down for bed around 8:30 pm and she'll sleep until around 7:30 am the next morning, sometimes a little less and sometimes a little more, but it seriously amazes me how lucky we got in that department.  This little girl must have known how much her momma likes her sleep, no not just likes her sleep - but needs her sleep!

We have been getting more and more smiles and coos from this little one, and we've finally been able to capture a few.

Rose went on her first road trip this last month, up to my parents house in Wisconsin.  It's only about a 2 hour trip, but she did great.  She slept the whole way there, and on the way back she got fed when we stopped for some food and she was good.  I was a little nervous about how she'd sleep in a different setting, but she did good and continued to sleep through the night.

She's still eating like a champ, 100% breast milk and  pretty much 100% from me.  She checked in at 23.5'' and 11 lb 2 oz. at her last appointment, steadily growing.  She had some more chubs at the beginning of the month, but she's getting taller and losing a little of her pudge, though she's still got some good baby leg rolls going on.  We haven't had too much success with a bottle.  She's eaten a little out of one here and there, though honestly we're probably not trying often enough.  I keep saying we need to do it more often, but then I just end up feeding her.

We've been going on a a good amount of walks while we still can.  The weather has been absolutely gorgeous and we are loving our walks together.  She's always such a good baby when we go out and about, at least no major disasters yet.

And she has been getting stronger on her tummy, and lasting longer before getting pissed off and wanting to be flipped back over.  She does best when you put her in front of the little mirror on her play mat, but you definitely have to time tummy time right because if she's not in one of her more energetic states she will just lie there face planted into the floor - probably not too productive.

We were running errands this weekend and seeing all of the Christmas stuff start to show up in the stores is making me so excited for this little ones first holiday season!!

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