Friday, September 25, 2015

Rose | 1 Month

Our sweet girl turned 1 month last Friday - and I seriously can't believe it!  She has already changed sooooo much over these last 4 weeks that she's been with us.  It totally feels like a completely different life now that she's in it, and we wouldn't have it any other way!

Nicknames| Sweet girl, Munchkie (apparently that's my take on munchkin), girlfriend

Height & Weight| 9lbs 14 oz, and 22 inches long.  Girlfriend has packed on 2+ pounds since birth, which isn't surprising - she takes after her mom in that regard, she likes to eat!

Food| Right now she is getting 100% of that from me 100% of the time.  But I really can't complain, I love our time together.  The first few days were a little rough, but now we've settled into our groove.  If she's awake she's feeding about every 1 1/2 - 2 hours.  When Rose was about 1 week old I went to see the lactation consultant at the hospital just to make sure we were getting off to a good start and they we're blown away by how much she was already eating at that point.  I kept reading all these things that new moms have concerns with if their baby is getting enough to eat or not, and luckily that is not something I have to even worry about at this time, which is awesome because I was slightly fearful due to the fact that sometimes PCOS can inhibit milk production.

Sleep| This is one department where I am going to consider us extremely blessed.  Our little munchkin is not much of a napper during the day, usually she'll drift off for a bit late morning and maybe a bit here or there in the evening.  Usually if we are out for a walk she will eventually nod off.  But at night, she has truly been an angel baby.  The first few weeks home she was waking up about 2 times a night pretty consistently, and then we had a night where she slept for a 8 hour stretch, only getting up 1 time that night.  Right now we go between 1 and 2 feedings at night, but usually that first stretch of sleep is anywhere from 6-8 hours, and it's amazing!  I'll give her her last feeding between 8-9pm, and then (knock on wood) she goes down in her crib without a fuss and then she's out for a good stretch.

A few weeks before Rose was born I remember telling Martin that I was afraid I was being naive because I kept imagining everything once she got here as being easy and going smoothly and that I knew that in reality babies can be really challenging and hard at times.  But she has seriously been such a little angel.  She is so easy going and calm.  Of course we have our moments, but they have been few and far, and short lived.  We've been enjoying tons of walks with this beautiful weather we have been having, and are just soaking up our time together.  I know we are a bit biased, but she is the sweetest girl and we love her to pieces!

A rare daytime nap in her crib

Attempting to capture one of those sleepy smiles

Full of faces during our walk the other day