Wednesday, July 1, 2015

June Favorites

Hey!  I'm back today (I know surprise number 1) with something other then pregnancy or baby related (surprise number 2).  Let's just attribute it to that third trimester nesting stage where I actually feel like I'm starting to get things done.  I'm not promising that it will last, but I'm making an effort.

Today I'm sharing a few favorite things from June.  June was my birthday month and many of these beauty goodies were birthday treats.

This one isn't even about the eye shadow, it's about the pro palette in 2.  Maybe it had been forever, but last I had checked the smallest pro palette I could get at MAC held 4 shadows, but my 2 all time favorite eye shadow shades are MAC's Retrospec and All That Glitters and I would go through them faster then any others.  So I would always just buy them in the individual containers.  Well when I stopped in to restock my colors, they were out out one of the colors I wanted and that's how I learned about the Pro Palette X2.  I love having my 2 favorite colors together, I seriously use them on almost a daily basis.  And they are $10 a piece for the refill pan, versus $16 for the individual container, for the same amount of product.  Can't beat that!

I think it was fate.  I was waiting and waiting to use up my old bronzer, that thing lasted forever!  And the day Martin and I were going to the mall for something else I dropped what was left of my old bronzer compact and the bit that was remaining was shattered to pieces.  I've always loved Nars blush in Orgasm, but I had been wanting to try their bronzer in Laguana - I've always read so many rave reviews about it.  And what better birthday treat then to get there duo with both products.  So far I'm loving the Laguana bronzer, it looks natural and goes on easily and it's so nice having my blush and bronzer together in one compact, it makes getting ready even easier.  Plus I forgot how much I love the Nars Orgasm blush.  Don't get me wrong I like my Tarte blushes I've been using, but I love this blush it is my all time favorite!

This was one of two lip pencils from Nars I got as my Sephora Birthday gift, gotta love a free gift!  And I'm totally loving this lip pencil.  I haven't tried the other darker shade yet, but so far I love this shade for an easy neutral day to day color, and I love how it feels.  It isn't heavy like a traditional lipstick, but it gives a good amount of color and a ton of moisture.  I get no dry cakey feeling like I typically do when I wear traditional lip sticks.  This is one of those products that I will definitely pay to replace when it runs out, and I'm even curious to give more colors a go.

With my sweet tooth making itself known more so then ever lately something else I've been enjoying this month is a sweet treat at the end of each meal.  One of the treats I'm particularly enjoying is Cosmos Creations Salted Caramel Puffed Corn.  Even though it's a sweet treat (it reminds me of some homemade caramel corn I've made in the past)  I love that it's made out of natural, non-gmo ingredients.  Don't get me wrong, it's still an indulgence and more sugar then I should probably be consuming, but I'm taking advantage of consuming those extra calories while I can!

What have you been loving lately?

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