Thursday, July 30, 2015

Bumpdate | Week 37

Week|  37

Due Date| August 15, 2015

Total Weight Gain| I think this is the first time I only gained what I was supposed to between appointments, granted now my appointments are only one week apart!  I'm still rapidly approaching the plus 50 lb mark!

Gender| Baby Girl!

Symptoms| The acid reflux that showed up last week has still been making an appearance, not all the time.  But it's worst when it pops up in the middle of the night and wakes me up, I can't stand the feeling!  I also have some major swelling.  I'm sure this bought of 90 degree weather we're having isn't helping, but I don't even recognize my feet anymore.  I keep telling myself that someday soon I'll be able to wear shoes other then the two pairs of flip flops that currently fit me.

Cravings|  Slushes!  This hot weather has been making me want them more and more, not ice cream or smoothies, but slushes.  Good thing there is a Sonic around the corner from our house!

Sleep|  I've gotten some pretty decent nights sleep lately,  It may have something to do with the fact that I made Martin drag our guest bedroom mattress into the living room floor which has been the coldest part of the house.  I've also started having some crazy vivid dreams which I read can happen towards the end of pregnancy.

Clothes|  I think I'm down to a small handful of dresses that are cutting it in this weather we've been having, my options are getting pretty limited!

Workouts| Now I'm pretty much living in a state of constantly being winded.  Everything leaves me out of breath, so lets just pretend everything is a workout, because it sure as heck feels like it is!

Nursery|  I know I promised some pictures last week, soon!  Remember how I mentioned earlier I made Martin drag our guest mattress into the living room.  Well that also had to do with the fact that the cat had an accident on the guest bedroom carpet one too many times and I decided the carpet in there needed to go.  So last weekend we took everything out of the room and tore up the carpet because I seriously couldn't stand it for another second!  So needless to say our house is in a state of a little bit of crazy right now.

Movement|  I had the official ultrasound this week to document that she was in the right position and though it's harder to see much of her on the screen it was so cool to see her moving her mouth and sticking her tongue in and out.  Now I also know what body parts are where so I'm knowing when it's a kick or a jab.

Best Moment this Week|  Even though it put my house in shambles, getting that carpet out of here was seriously what I needed.  On a plus side in the baby department we also have the car seat officially installed and got it checked off at the police station.

Missing|  Having a choice in clothes, and shoes.  And I've also desperately been missing working out lately, which I never thought I'd really say!

Looking Forward To|  Getting our house back in order!  This weekend, it is happening - it's time to get all of our ducks in a row because the end is getting near!

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