Thursday, July 16, 2015

Bumpdate | Week 35

Week|  35

Due Date| August 15, 2015, we just passed the 1 month left mark!

Total Weight Gain| Definitely packing on the plus 40lb, I'll get the official total next week.  No point torturing myself in between doctor visits.

Gender| Baby Girl!

Symptoms| Some days it feels like there is nowhere left for my stomach to stretch, it almost feels like if it stretches anymore she's going to drop right out of the bottom of it.  Those most be when she has a growth spurt of something  because then it will settle down the next day, probably once my skin has stretched out to accommodate.  I'm also slowing down to a whole new level, in life, with everything!

Cravings|  Still sticking on the cold and sweet train.  I'm also still guzzling a ton of water, which is good, but it has to be cold!

Sleep|  I'm making it through the night, but with some serious tossing and turning going on.  And of course every toss or turn comes with me rolling over, because rolling over is a whole process.  I'm finding myself waking up sore, staying in any one position too long doesn't feel good!

Clothes|  Me and maxi dresses are BFF's lately.  They are comfy and cool which meets about all of my requirements at the moment.

Workouts| Yeah, don't bank of seeing too much in this category for the remaining duration of this pregnancy!  I'm still dancing a few lessons a day, and on Sunday Martin and I got out for a walk.  A very casually paced one, but it was a walk nonetheless. 

Nursery|  Still a few little odds and ends to get into place, I'm hoping to get it wrapped up this weekend!

Movement|  She slowed down a ton this past weekend, which definitely gave me a little fright, but she picked back up on Monday.  This little girl is not consistent at all, but she's still wiggling around in there.

Best Moment this Week|  This is a little sad, but rediscovering the max a/c button in my car, we were best friends last week, and it felt so good!

Missing|  Not loosing my breath doing the simplest things!

Looking Forward To|  Checking some big to do's off our list this coming weekend like cleaning the carpets, installing the car seat and making sure our hospital bags are packed.

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