Thursday, July 2, 2015

Bumpdate | Week 33

Week|  33

Total Weight Gain| Let's just go with a lot until I get my next official weigh in at my OB appointment next week.

Gender| Baby Girl!

Symptoms| The swelling is starting to set in at a whole new level, but just on certain days.  I'm so thankful we've had a more then mild summer, at least for what we are used to here in the midwest.  My body must know when it's my first day off because there is something with Sundays, everything seems to hurt the worst on Sundays and by the time I go back to work on Tuesdays my body seems to have recovered.  I'm getting to the point on some of the hotter days where I can't/don't want to wear my rings because it is just plain uncomfortable, but it's not a permanent thing yet.  And I think my belly button is seeing the last of it's days laying flat!

Cravings|  I never really thought of this as a craving, but I've been eating yogurt and granola every morning for the last few months so perhaps that counts!  And last Sunday I had a craving for popsicles, specifically the lemonade ones, and Martin was nice enough to go get some.  Anything cold and sweet is hitting the spot.

Sleep|  Still going pretty good, but I most definitely wake up anytime I want to roll over, aka hoisting myself from side to side, it's not too pretty at this stage in the game.

Clothes|  You will find me in dresses more often then not lately, I'm just so hot all the time!  Comfort is key!

Workouts| I'm almost feeling as if I should just take this category out of here, because it's pretty much nonexistent.  Mainly because everything feels like a workout now!  So that counts right?!  

Nursery|  I can officially say I have all the big stuff checked off the list.  I shared our most current update earlier this week, and now it's on the the smaller details.  Hope to get it wrapped up this month.

Movement|  I feel like this last week I'm noticing her wiggle around more and more frequently, perhaps it's just because she's gotten bigger and is now more noticeable to me even when I've got other stuff going on.  But she's still very low key, I'm thankful nothing has been too violent as of yet, and I'm hoping that this is going to be reflective of her personality outside the womb!

Best Moment this Week|  Getting the last big project checked off in the nursery and actually feeling like it's all coming together for her!

Missing|  My waistline and a full closet of clothes to pick and choose from!

Looking Forward To|  Wrapping up more projects around the house that all seem to be in a mid state, I'm definitely in full on nesting mode!

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