Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Nursery: Window Seat

I finally wrapped up the last big project in the nursery, at least I think I did!  Hopefully it's just the smaller stuff left on the agenda.  We've had these nooks in both of our upstairs rooms and I have always wanted to make them into a window seat, and I finally have.

The whole project probably actually took about an hour or so, not bad at all,  But you factor into it my heightened level of indecisiveness and the whole project really took me weeks from start to finish.  Pretty much nothing got executed in the way I originally planned, but I am still happy with the outcome, even though it took me a little longer to get there.

I ordered a large roll of 3 inch foam off of Amazon, enough to work for both of my seats.  I was having trouble finding a piece quite wide enough.  I needed 38'' and I ended up settling for 36''.  Most of the large pieces of upholstery foam come in 72'' lengths which was enough to cover both of my seats.

Initially the plan was to sew a removable slip cover.  I thought then it could be easily thrown in the wash, you know.  But I ended up nixing that route when 1.  I had the foam cut to size and I thought that there was no way I would be able to easily get a slip cover on and off that thing, and 2.  Once I washed and dried my fabric I had bought I was a little short and wouldn't have enough to complete the whole thing.  So I went the easier route and stapled the whole thing to a piece of plywood and slid it in place on top of the bench.

I found the fabric at JoAnn's, and at the time also had picked up a few other pieces that were initially intended for pillows for the seat.  More on that later.

1.  I started my laying down my batting first.  Then my piece of foam (which was easily cut to size with a steak knife), and then my piece of plywood on top of that.  
2.  Using my staple gun, I pulled the batting taught and went around the whole perimeter.
3.  I repeated the whole process with the fabric, making sure I lined the edges up with one of the lines in the fabric so it would be straight and not all wonky.  There was definitely a little trial and error when it came to the corners, some are better then others, and I totally just tried to figure it out as I went.

Like I said earlier, initially I was going to sew pillow covers but that was before I got in a fight with my sewing machine.  My patience is definitely wearing thin lately and I decided it was better to scrap the whole sewing pillow covers thing before I had a total melt down.  Granted this was after I washed, ironed,  and cut the fabric.

I ended up picking up all the pillow insets and covers at Ikea.  You really can't beat the prices on their insets, $5.99 for a 20''x20'' Fjadrar feather insert.  Even the synthetic versions are over $20 a piece at JoAnn's.  The covers were also really reasonable, definitely worth paying for over losing my frustration on the homemade versions.  The white covers where $4 each, and the pink velvet ones were $8 each.

To make this area more into a designated reading nook we also installed some picture ledges to store some books on the wall to the left of the window nook.

We used the Ribba Picture Ledges from Ikea, if you can't tell that has been my go to place lately for picking up items on the cheap for the nursery.

Her book collection isn't too large at the moment, though I am sure that will change in the years to come and we will just be able to store a select few up on the wall.  Overall I am happy with how it turned out and I hope that it will become a favorite place for her to cuddle with a book.

Here is a little sneak peak at some of the other things that have been added to the nursery.  I'm hoping to have everything wrapped up in the next few weeks so we can relax an enjoy the last few weeks before her arrival!

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