Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Nursery: Furniture

I am happy to report progress has been made!

We now officially have all the major pieces of furniture for the nursery, bought, assembled, and in the room.  In addition to that Martin has finished switching out all of the electrical outlets and covers so they are now all a bright fresh white, which makes a major difference.  Now they just blend into the board and batten, and you don't really notice them at all whatsoever.

It's still just looking like a skeleton of a room to me, but it feels so much better to have the really major things checked off the list.

Here's the view from the doorway.    It was hard to narrow down a crib, especially after all of the inspiration I found with the lofty price tags.  But I finally settled on the Charlotte crib in  misty gray by Fisher Price.  It's sold all over the internet, but at the time that we ordered it I found the best price on it through Walmart.  It was seriously the easiest thing to put together.  It almost made me a little concerned with how easy it was to assemble, but it seems pretty sturdy so we should be good to go!

Instead of the traditional rocker or glider, I decided to go with a chaise lounge for now.  We'll see how it works for us.  I just couldn't bring myself to spend $500 plus on a chair and ottoman that I just didn't love.  We picked up the Kivik Chaise from Ikea with the Dansbo White cover Memorial Day weekend when it was a part of the Ikea Family sale for just under $300.  You can see in the photo above we also picked up some furniture feet from Home Depot to add a little style and height because I wasn't in love with the black plastic feet it came with.  I still plan to give those wooden feet a coat of stain.

Speaking of the Ikea Family card, if you're not signed up for it, you totally should be!  It's a free savings card to which they offer discounts on certain products each month exclusively for card holders.  It also allows you to price match any of your purchases for 90 days if something you buys goes on sale.  The closet system that we installed last week just went on sale and I was able to go back in with my receipt and get about $40 back, totally worth it!

Back to the nursery.  I ordered this basic bedding set off of Amazon.  I liked that the crib skirt had some fluffiness to it, and was adjustable as you have to move the mattress as the baby grows.  I'm a little disappointed that the corners don't seem to quite meet like it did in the photo online, I might need to put some ties in to keep it closed.

I knew I wanted a round wood toned side table for next to my chaise, and it took me forever to find.  It's always when you know what you want it seems to be know where to be found.  I was determined to find one for under a $100 and yesterday I finally hit my luck at the At Home store.  I found this little side table for $90, still a little more than I had hoped, but it fit everything I was looking for so it came home with me.

The rug is the Venice Shaggy Rug from Rugs USA.  That is my go to website whenever I need a large area rug for a room because you can almost always score 70% off, which is awesome.  If you can't, just wait a week and there will probably be a sale that starts.

On the other side of the room we have the dresser we scored from Craigslist.  I'm still so in love with it and glad we scoped it up when we did.  We picked up a changing pad and have installed it on top.  So easy, it just screws into the back of the dresser with 2 screws so when we are done with diapers when can just undo the two screws and you'll never know it was there.

I want to line the drawers of the dresser, and then I can get to actually putting things away in it.  I'm also still on the hunt for a pair of lamps to split between the dresser and the side table.  I feel like I have searched everywhere and come up completely empty handed.  HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ikea, Target, At Home Store, and I've even been to a few of those stores multiple times!  I know that if I'm patient something will eventually pop up at HomeGoods or something of the sort, it usually does.

Now it's time to start to accessorize and add the details.  The foam has been ordered for the window seat and the fabric has been purchased, finally I will be bringing in some color so don't worry this neutral space will have a little bit of variety to it.

In the meantime I've started to put all the little things we've gotten for her so far in the closet.  Mind you with no organization or order.  But the little clothes are just so cute, I can't wait to meet her and be putting everything in this room to use!

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