Thursday, June 25, 2015

Bumpdate | Week 32

Week|  32

Total Weight Gain| I think according to my appointment yesterday I'm pushing the +35 lb mark.  Really what am I going to do as this point?  It's more then I would have liked, but considering all else is good and baby is on track to be a normal size I shouldn't really be complaining.

Gender| Baby Girl!

Symptoms| I don't think I'd had any new ones this past week.  Still going strong with the achy back and hips, which really isn't surprising considering the extra load I'm carrying around!  I've found lately I have to be really conscious of how much solid time I'm spending on my feet and walking around because too much of that packed together really brings a foot ache of a whole new level!

Cravings|  All things cold, ice cream, smoothies, ice water.  Which is funny because I never even could stand water with ice, I would always drink it room temperature, but now that I am hot all the time, bring it on!

Sleep|  I can't complain, I really one had about 2 not so good nights in the whole last week.  I definitely wake up every time I roll over, but I only have the occasional bathroom break.  There are even some nights where I go completely with out!

Clothes|  My maternity dresses have been my most favorite lately, comfort is key.  And right now with this weather comfort also means something I'm not going to be a sweaty mess in all day.  I plan on just getting by for the rest  of the pregnancy with the clothes I've purchased so far, but I think it's probably about time to start getting some nursing stuff for after.

Workouts| And I'm totally down to just my dancing as my daily activity.  I have been SO wiped out lately, which I know they say when you feel tired is when you should get up and get moving - that it will help you get some energy back.  But I haven't quite jumped on the bank wagon yet!

Nursery|  We added a few more details this last week, I'm going to have to share an update!  I finally tracked down a pair of lamps, and got the window seat covered and put together.  I even started a washing a few loads of her things.  Not too much left to go!

Movement|  She's there, sporadic, but there.  The doctor reassured me by saying as long as I feel something in a 6 hour window I shouldn't worry, and that has definitely been happening.  Honestly I think because most days I'm up and moving around and busy interacting with people I just don't really notice/pay attention as much.  But when I'm home sitting on the couch that's when I can zone in and pay attention to all her little movements and flutters.  I have to say I haven't suffered any serious jabs to the ribs or anything of that nature.  But I find sometimes whatever position she's in can really inhibit my breathing, not so fond of that one.

Best Moment this Week|  Martin and I spent Father's Day morning getting some maternity photos done.  The weather turned out beautifully and I'm excited to have some pictures to capture this special chapter in our lives.

Missing|  A good hard sweaty workout session, and not losing my breath so quickly!

Looking Forward To|  Checking some more things off the list for our little ones arrival!  I'm definitely in full on nesting mode, things are changing every time I sweep through the house.  And I have my final class tonight, a breast feeding class - it's all getting so close now!

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