Thursday, June 18, 2015

Bumpdate | Week 31

Week|  31

Total Weight Gain| Now that my doctors appointments are every 2 weeks, I think I'll just stick to finding out when I'm there, so we will see what the scale says next week.

Gender| Baby Girl!

Symptoms| I am definitely getting more tired and worn out.  I am just not used to having these limitations - and I'm also not very good at accepting them!  Therefore I usually push it a little too hard and that's when my back really starts killing me or I'm so tired I feel like a walking zombie.  My feet also seem to be widening at a never ending pace leaving about the only shoe I can fit into being my flip flops at the moment.

Cravings|  There must be something with the sodium because lately french fries and ketchup sound so good to me.  My weakness has been Chik fil A fries and lemonade, luckily I've only caved a few times because that is definitely not something healthy to be craving!  Other then that there really hasn't been anything too particular.

Sleep|  I have gotten pretty great sleep the last 3 nights in a row, I kinda don't want to jinx it.  I'm definitely waking up every time I need to roll over, and I've found myself waking up on my back more and more.  I think my hips are getting sore and then I end up kinda half on my side half on my back.  Lets just cross our fingers this run of good sleep keeps up.

Clothes|  I've been able to sport a few of my regular summer dresses lately, which has been nice to mix things up.  Even the dress I'm wearing above is one from my normal collection.  I totally feel like my style has been lacking this pregnancy and am looking forward to having a large selection of clothes to choose from again.

Workouts| Working out?  What?  Yeah, I don't remember the last time I intentionally did that.  Dancing counts, right?!  Cause that's what I'm banking on!  I feel myself moving slower and slower, like when we are out and about I keep having to ask Martin to slow down and walk with me so he doesn't take off and leave me behind!  But I am still dancing everyday!

Nursery|  Yesterday I shared the little upgrade to her dresser I worked on this week.  On my checklist for this weekend is the window seat and started to get some of the staples washed and put away.  I'm still on the hunt for a set of lamps, but it's getting closer!

Movement|  She's definitely all over the place.  Some days she's so subtle and quiet, and others I can feel her wiggling around all the time.  But her pattern is usually a bought of wiggling in the morning and another session when I get home from work at night.

Best Moment this Week|  Both Martin and I celebrated our 32nd Birthday's this last week, we couldn't be more excited for what this next chapter has in store for us - though I will admit besides being excited it's also making me a lot of anxious!

Missing|  My regular clothes and the ability to do everything I used to be able to, like bend over without getting the wind knocked out of me!  But I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Looking Forward To|  Maternity photos, we plan to get some taken this weekend - as long as the weather cooperates.  It feels like we've had never ending rain, so cross your fingers it stays dry for us!

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