Thursday, June 4, 2015

Bumpdate | Week 29

Week|  29

Total Weight Gain| I've decided to skip over this category ;)  Especially now that my appointments are every two weeks, I'll just get the update there!  Plus as long as I'm growing a healthy baby, that's the most important. . . then I'll just have to work by butt off afterwards!

Gender| Baby Girl!

Symptoms| Pretty much the same, my back on the weekends.  Which I can't figure out if it's a compilation of everything I do during the week coming to an end, or if it's that I'm not moving around doing the same soft of activity I am during the week.  And the swelling, which isn't extreme, but mostly ever present in my feet.  This week I'm also feeling everything growing like crazy, getting more stretching and pulling across my stomach, and my hips and feet are spreading out to a width that is beyond any sort of control.

Cravings|  I have been getting uncontrollably hungry again, the only problem seems to be I don't know for what!  I'm still eating a ton of fruit and am loving the bowl of ice cream at night, but other then that nothing is really speaking to me.

Sleep|  I've been pretty good, with a few nights of insomnia in the mix.  But usually thats due to hunger and once I get up and eat I'm good to go back to sleep again, usually that is.

Clothes|  I've officially grown out of my first pair of maternity jeans.  I tried to wear them this last weekend and I thought I was going to die.  It's crazy how much wider my hips have gotten, which I suppose is a good thing leading up to the delivery, but it definitely made wearing those pants an uncomfortable experience!

Workouts| I've been slacking again lately, I only made it out for 2 official walks this last week.  Though I logged a ton of time on my feet during the week dancing and running errands over the weekend.  I'm definitely hitting that third trimester lull of being tired a lot of the time again.

Nursery|  I'm so excited with how this is coming along!  I shared how we outfitted the closet earlier this week.  And we got a chance to start putting some of the bigger furniture items in the room, I can't wait to share!  At this point we've kinda just dumped everything we've gotten for her into the closet and haven't really tackled any sort of real organization yet.  But it's finally starting to feel like a real room versus a construction zone.

Movement|  I totally feel like it has changed over this last week.  Maybe it's her getting bigger in there, but the movement feels different.  It's hard to describe, but it almost feels more gentle - at least most of the time.  She's definitely moving more throughout the day and I'm starting to feel her even when I'm preoccupied with other stuff going on.  I can't wait to see her at our ultrasound on Monday and see what position she's in and what parts I've been feeling kick out and roll across.

Best Moment this Week|  Definitely the progress made on the nursery.  I was going into a real panic mode that there was so much to do (and well I still kinda feel that way)  but to see her room start to come together and feel like we've got a place for her helps calm some of that worry.

Missing|  Muscle definition, and running!  I'm feeling more flabby then I have since I don't know when.  And I know a big part of that is all the relaxin in the body prepping everything to stretch and be flexible, but I can't wait till I can hit working out hard like I used to.  And I never thought in a million years I'd miss running, but I actually do!

Looking Forward To|  My baby shower this weekend!  My friends are throwing a small get together and I'm looking forward to seeing everybody and spending some time together.

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