Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Nursery: Floors

Yay for a three day weekend, that meant we could make some serious headway on project nursery.  Though of course not as much as I anticipated, what can I say I like to set my goals high!  Plus Martin and I didn't technically have a full three day weekend, at least together, I had to go in to work on Saturday so he was free all weekend.

On Saturday while I was working Martin helped out my getting a lot of the yard work done, which I was actually kinda jealous about because it was gorgeous day outside and I was stuck inside at work and the forecast for the rest of the weekend wasn't anything too spectacular.

Sunday was operation floor.  We had only laid about 1/4 of the flooring for the nursery the previous weekend and I was determined to get it finished up this weekend, which we did.  All the flooring is officially in place!

It really is easy to put down, especially when you are working in the wide open straight spaces.  It literally snaps together, and with a few taps of a hammer and a flooring block the two pieces lock together and on to the next piece.

But we had a few hold ups on Saturday.  The rows we were starting in on where the ones that passed through the angled closed door and around the door jamb, and it probably took us a nearly 2 hours to get those three rows laid.

Luckily after that it was pretty smooth sailing.  We retired for the day around 5 pm with about 1/4 of the floor left to go because we had plans to go out for a movie - which we hadn't done in forever!

We were able to wrap up the remaining 1/4 Monday morning in just a few hours.  I know it would have all gone faster if I was a little bit more nibble!  I just can't move like I used to and getting up and down off the floor has now become a major project so things definitely trucked along as a slower pace then anticipated.

We spent the rest of Monday picking up some other major purchases for the nursery like the crib mattress and baby monitor.  All in all it was a pretty productive weekend.  Now that the flooring is laid Martin is going to be putting down the quarter round trim to finish things off this week, and changing out the electrical switches and outlets so they are a nice fresh bright white, instead of a dingy yellow.

Next weekend we are putting that crib together!

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