Thursday, May 28, 2015

Bumpdate | Week 28

Week|  28, entering the third trimester, I don't know how that happened!  Time seems to be flying by!

Total Weight Gain| A lot!  I was trying to be really good after my last appointment, and as of like 3 days ok I was on track only gaining about a pound a week, which is recommended at this point.  And then at my appointment yesterday the scale was 6 pounds more then I had previously weighed myself a few days prior, putting me at a plus 9 - I literally told the nurse no way!  Luckily the doctor said don't worry about it, he said due to all the fluctuations in weather I'm probably just retaining a lot more fluid, but I'm eating mostly well and staying active and that's the most important.  Now I just have to try not to worry about it because that puts me at gaining nearly 30 pounds already!

Gender| Baby Girl!

Symptoms| Still my back, but really only on the weekends, so it looks like the key is the right balance of moving around and staying active.  During the week when I'm dancing it doesn't seem to give me too much trouble, it's actually when I have to sit for longer periods of time, or stand but standing still.  I can also feel the swelling start to settle in with the heat, especially in my feet!

Cravings|  I definitely find myself wanting sweets, and ice cream.  Not frozen yogurt, but ice cream.  Which is funny because before this pregnancy I was typically a yogurt fan over ice cream.

Sleep|  Knock on wood I've been better for the last few nights.  I find myself waking up more and more, usually out of hunger.  When I wake up because I'm hungry it's like I'm instantly awake, non of that groggy tired and I know that if I don't eat I'll just be laying there forever.  So I get up, have a snack and then usually I'm able to drift back off pretty quickly.

Clothes|  Pretty much all maternity all the time.  When I'm not working I keep finding myself gravitating towards all black, it's slimming, right?!

Workouts| I only hit the gym once this last week.  But it was mostly due to my more busy schedule, I know on days when I'm dancing more if I do the gym in addition I'm absolutely beat by the end of the day, and I definitely had some good dancing workout days!

Nursery|  The floors are down!  And Martin even got most of the quarter round trim laid last night, it's looking good and I can't wait to start to put the furniture in place this weekend.  Next on the agenda, getting some sort of organizer in the closet so we can start to have a place to put all her goodies.

Movement|  Her pattern definitely is reflective of my work schedule.  I swear she's like a jumping bean from Saturday night through Monday, then my work week starts and she'll make an appearance in the morning, also usually when I wake up in the night I'll feel her, and after work, but during the day it's like she's just snoozing away.

Best Moment this Week|  Hearing her heartbeat at my 28 week appointment yesterday.  It's just always so reassuring to hear it beating strong in there, I can't wait for our 30 week ultrasound to see how she's doing in there.  It's been since week 20 that we saw her, and I know it will be such a big difference!

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