Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Nursery: The Before

Finally it's time to make some headway on this nursery for our little girls arrival this August, it feels like it will be here before you know it!  And it feels like the check list of things to do before she comes is already a mile long.  Last week I shared my inspiration for her nursery, now it's time to see the space we are working with.

It's not a true before, as we've already cleared the room of all the major furniture and Martin and removed the carpeting, but let me warn you these are some candid photos and what the room truly looks like at this very moment - a far far way from actually being a nursery.

The room is the the only other bedroom on our second floor besides our master bedroom.  There is a bath between the two rooms, but that's about all that's up there making it a super convenient location and probably about 5 steps from our room.

Here is the view when you first step foot into the room.

Yes, there is still piles of junk cluttering the room, I'm working on it!  And yes you can see straight into my neighbors house if the blinds are up.  I added the board and batten treatment maybe about 5 years ago, and that will be staying, but the carpet had to go because when Charlie was sick the was the room he kinda choose to destroy to put it nicely.  

Here is the view looking back at the entrance to the room.

As you can see it's a good size room, but with a lot of angles.  The first door on the left leads to a good size closet.  The other door is the entrance to the room, and the alcove on the right leads to another window.

The state of the closet right now isn't pretty.

Yes, I already spent a day in here cleaning it out, it looks like there's a lot left, but really it's not too much.  As you can see the wire shelving has been gradually falling down over the years.  We are going to come up with a better storage solution to maximize the space in here, so for the mean time everything is going to come down, get patched, and a fresh coat of paint.

And then there is the window nook.

Yup, there is an exercise ball and an Egyptian statue in my window nook at the moment, and that is my ironing board being used as a shelf for tools.  Though is may look like a disaster at the moment, I'm excited to make this area into a window seat/reading nook.  We have the same window set up in our master bedroom and I've been wanting to make them into window seats for years, it's finally time.

So I know the room is incredibly raw right now, but I know once the ball starts rolling it's really going to come together and I can't wait.

Now that the carpet has been removed, next up on the agenda is paint.  Since the board and batten has been up for awhile, the knots have started to show though - clearly I didn't pick the right primer the first time around.

So we're going to give them another coat of primer, and give the lower half a fresh coat of white paint.  And when I say we're, I mean Martin - he's being kind enough to do anything that involves fumes, allowing me to stay far away from that.  And then we are going to lighten up the top half with a paint color that is still up for grabs.

In other good news, the new floor has been ordered and should be in this weekend.  We scored an awesome dresser off of Craigslist this weekend that we will be using for storage and as a changing table.  Plus I got the crib ordered as well, I'm feeling good!  Stay tuned for more details!


  1. Can;t wait to see how it all comes together!!!

  2. I CANT wait to see how it turns out!

  3. Um, the size and layout of that room is pretty much ah-mazing. She is one lucky little girl! I know you are going to turn it into something beautiful. Oh, and side note - I've been on the fence about adding the board and batten to my office (which I hope someday will become a baby nursery), and I think seeing these photos convinced me to do it. Thank you. :)

  4. Me neither. . . right now it just feels like a hodge podge in my head!