Thursday, April 16, 2015

Bumpdate | Week 22

Week|  22

Total Weight Gain| Pretty sure I'm pushing about 20 pounds, but really it's all relative on the day. . . let's not talk too much about this topic!

Gender| Baby Girl!

Symptoms| I've started with the swelling, I'm attributing some of it to the weather change.  It shows up some days, and not at all others.  Sometimes my feet, sometimes my hands - I'm trying to stay super hydrated and elevate my feet whenever I can.  Speaking of feet, they are generally killing me.  Not always, but more often - sometimes the minute I change into my dance shoes at work I can just tell and within 45 minutes all I want to do is take them off!

Cravings|  I have tried desperately to cut back on the cheese this week, which I feel like I've been pretty successful with.  It doesn't mean I don't want it, but I'm pretty sure it's been a big contributor to the probably more then healthy weight gain.  I've been on a kick with Costco's chicken salad, like eating it for lunch and dinner every day for the last week.  Lately I've had no desire to cook, and its so easy and convenient and good!

Sleep|  Still on my hit or miss cycle, though I'm strangely feeling a little more comfortable when I sleep, maybe I'm just getting used to the new positions I need to be sleeping in, though I find myself waking up on my back more and more.

Clothes|  I definitely have my "go to" look down which tends to be some sort of tank or tee with a jacket, or cardigan or something over the top to dress it up.  I find I'm the most comfortable that way, at least for now - and lets be honest, comfort is key!

Workouts| I'm starting to ease back into adding a little bit more then just my daily dancing to the plate.  I have a few light dumbbells at home and incorporated some weights a few mornings this week, next week I'm going to aim for a bit more.

Nursery|  I share my nursery inspiration earlier this week, and I bought the first few items this past weekend.  Nothing major, but it was something.  A throw pillow, and some storage baskets - slowly getting started!  And I spent Monday cleaning out all the junk that had accumulated in the closet in that room, that took  forever!

Movement|  I've felt a few good movements, but they are still far and few between, I'm waiting for them to become consistent!

Best Moment this Week|  Starting to buy stuff for our little ones arrival.  The last few weeks I've all of a sudden felt so behind, so to get out this weekend and make a dent on our registry and pick up a few small things ourselves made it start to feel all that more real!


  1. Costco chicken salad - yum! Sounds like you're still feeling good overall - you look fantastic, so I wouldn't worry about the weight too much. :)

  2. Lookin' good, Momma...such a cute little bump! You're at the point where I started feeling our little guy move around a lot, so hopefully you'll be feeling the princess more soon!

  3. Thanks girl! The chicken salad is so good, I'm obsessed right now! In fact I'm stopping for more on my way to work today!

  4. I started to feel her a lot more this weekend, still not quite consistent, but definitely a ton more than I ever have before. Feeling them move is a reassuring feeling, I feel like I'm just waiting around to feel her move!