Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Natural Skin Care | Radha Beauty

I've shared a handful of times over the last year or so about my quest for more natural products in my day to day.  It's something that started with my diet, in trying to get away from as many processed foods as possible to my skin care and daily products to my home care items.  It never ceases to amaze me how many chemicals are in things now, and how many things we unknowingly expose ourselves to.

It was something that I never gave much thought to until I started discovering small issues with my health.  That's when I realized how much what I put in and on my body could effect it.  Knowing that I have that control is amazing, but it can also be challenging at times because often the products that are most readily available and cost effective are that way because they can be produced with ingredients that don't cost that much, and can be around for a long time, aka they have chemicals in them.

When I found out about a newer company, Radha Beauty, offering natural and pure products I was excited to give them a try, as I am with any new discovery.  I love trying new things because you never know what your going to find.

What I love most about Radha Beauty is the principal that it was formed on.  Their mission is to embellish beauty with the earth's most natural oils while partnering with earth-loving, women-empowering organizations.  Their belief is that you don't need chemicals for beauty, but instead using products that have been around and been used for many years and generations.

I got a chance to try both their 100% Pure & Organic Argan Oil and their 100% Pure Fractionated Coconut Oil.  The Argan oil comes in a large 4 oz bottle, and in my opinion a great price on Amazon for a pure and organic product.  It has barely any smell at all and so many uses, I haven't been able to test them all out yet.  You can use it on your hair, skin, and nails.  You can apply it directly, mix it in with other products you are using, or add it to your bath to add moisture from head to toe.  It has a light feel and doesn't feel heavy or greasy at all.

As much as I was looking forward to trying our the Argan Oil, I was super excited about the Fractionated Coconut Oil.  I knew what I was going to use this for before it even arrived.  Coconut oil is one of the best carrier oils, meaning I can use it with all my favorite Young Living Essential Oils to apply them directly to my skin.  Besides that it's also a natural antioxidant and disinfectant, it's odorless, and has a very long shelf life.

Needless to say both of these products will get plenty of use in my skin care routine, I love that I found a new natural product line with a great philosophy!

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  1. Looks like two great products. I need to get on the coconut oil train!

  2. These both sound like amazing products!

  3. Love coconut oil, totally worth getting on the train - though the difference with the fractionated coconut oil is it's in liquid form, which usually it's a solid so it's nice for different uses, but its also so good for you!

  4. I think so, love discovering smaller new companies!