Thursday, March 12, 2015

Bumpdate | Week 17

Week|  17

Total Weight Gain| I haven't stepped on a scale since my doctors appointment last week, so I'm hoping I'm still around a 10 pound weight gain.  Seeing the number creep up on the scale is definitely one of the hardest parts for me, it's hard to remember it's supposed to be doing that because for all the rest of my life I've been trying to avoid that!

Gender| ???  3 weeks until we find out!

Symptoms| Lately mostly just what I refer to as growing pains, aching and stretching.  Besides that I feel like this baby is magnetically attracted to my bladder!  I've read that it's supposed to lighten up in the second trimester, and that just does not seem to be the case with me!

Cravings|  I'm not off the spicy California rolls by any means, but I'm totally leaning more towards the cheese this week.  This baby better have strong bones, I'm getting my calcium for sure!

Sleep|  This last week and the beginning I found myself waking up tons of times throughout the night, kinda in a semi awake state.  I know I'm awake, I don't need to get up to use the bathroom or anything, and eventually I drift back to sleep but I have no idea how long I'm awake for.  The later part of the week, I've been sleeping like a champ, fantastic sleep - but that might be partly due to being worn out from an extensive work weekend.

Clothes|  I finally actually made a trip to hunt for some new clothes.  I picked up a handful of items, but I'm still lacking on the pants side, which is no surprise since I've always struggled with finding pants I like.  I just got an email this morning for Gap's Friends and Family sale so I may order some pants from there to give a try.

Workouts| I made it to the gym 4 times this week, I am so proud of myself!  I think 4 times is my good number, I was really striving for 5 but I was just so tired by the time Friday rolled around.  I'll take each week as it comes, but I feel guilty when I'm not getting enough movement in for the week.

Nursery|  More stuff is getting cleared out of the room, we're getting there!  Now we have to decide what we are going to go for the flooring.  We either need to replace the carpeting, or we're contemplating putting in the same laminate floor we used in my office.

Movement|  Waiting. . . and hoping soon!

Best Moment this Week|  I had a crazy work trip last last weekend and I was so thrilled to just be home and get a great night's sleep in my bed on Sunday night, at the time nothing could have topped that!

In Other News|  Everything was a ok with my early glucose test, which feels like a weight off my shoulders, but I have to keep up with the good eating as much as I can and hope that the next one I have to do has the same results.


  1. Yay for positive results on the glucose test. I still haven't felt my little man moving yet, so I know how anxious you are for that. You're looking great! I can see the glow!

  2. Seriously, nothing better than your own bed :) Glad the test results were ok!

  3. Glad that your initial test results came back okay! You are looking fantastic - your little bump is so adorable! Your odd sleep schedule this week could've been because of the time change - I know it screwed me up, too, and I'm obviously not pregnant!

  4. I know that was a big relief off my shoulders, but I'm so not looking forward to doing it again!

  5. That's true, the timing change did mess with all of us a little bit!