Tuesday, March 31, 2015

It's A . . .

GIRL!  Martin & I were excited to find out the gender of our new little one at our 20 week appointment yesterday, and I wanted to stop in to share the news with everyone today that we would be welcoming a little baby girl in August.  Everything checked out a ok, and all on track for where she should be which is always a relief to hear.  Now the planning can really begin!  The nursery, registering. . . so much stuff to do!  I will gladly take any recommendations on must have baby gear, or brands since it seems to be such a daunting task with so many options out there.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Bumpdate | Week 19

I've been a little mia in blogland this week, for no other reason then I'm just behind with life, you know how that goes sometimes.  But I'm stopping by today for my weekly bumpdate because I'm set on keeping track of this journey as it goes!

Week|  19

Total Weight Gain| More than I can wrap my head around, we'll find out at my appointment on Monday.

Gender| So close to finding out, just have to make it through the weekend, can't wait!  (Obviously way more excited about this part of my appointment then the lovely weigh in!)

Symptoms| I had tons of growing and stretching pains this weekend, from what it sounds like it seems to be round ligament pain, and it was pretty much constant all weekend, but I also feel like I notice it more when I'm not working and moving around as much.  Also my feet are killing me way faster at work then they used to, I find myself changing dance shoes several times a day.

Cravings|  I don't feel as strong of cravings as I did, though don't get me wrong I still won't turn down cheese or my spicy california rolls, but lately I'm feeling pretty indifferent towards food.  I'm hungry, very hungry, but I just don't know what I want to eat, nothing is sounding all that interesting.  Especially full meals, but small snack type things seem to be right up my alley.

Sleep|  For the most part I'm still sleeping pretty good.  Hardly ever getting up for bathroom breaks during the night, every once in a while I'll have a night where I seem to wake up every time I toss and turn, but thankfully they haven't been the majority of my nights.

Clothes|  Definitely have still been procrastinating on this front, and this new batch of snow we've received has not helped.  I'm just ready for spring clothes!  Every weekend I say I'm going to get out and hunt for some new stuff, and it never seems to happen.  I feel like I'm at the point where if I wear more drapey shirts I just look like I've gained 15 pounds, if I wear more fitted clothes then I look pregnant.

Workouts| I did a little better this week, 4 workouts in total.  1 walk outside, 1 video workout, and 2 trips to the gym.  Plus a full day of dancing and teaching lessons on Saturday. which I think was actually too much for me - I think I over did it with a solid day of teaching, I was so spent after that!

Nursery|  I've been scoping out pieces I like and I'm excited to start to get things ordered and pieced together once we have our ultrasound and I know what direction I'll be heading in for the nursery.  Don't worry, I'm sure a design board will be hitting the blog in the near future.

Movement|  I'm pretty sure I've felt some small flutters, but still nothing definitive yet where I could say yes that was for sure the baby.

Best Moment this Week|  Having my parents visit this past weekend and going out looking for nursery furniture with Martin and my mom, it's exciting to actually start to get ready for our baby's arrival!

Friday, March 20, 2015

High Five for Friday

Can we high five for the first day of spring?!  I think we have all been waiting way too long for this season to appear, and I'm hoping now that it's official on the calender the weather with cooperate for us, one can only hope.

Here's a few things that went down this week.

1.  I finally got that lavender manicure I'd been coveting since my Spring Inspiration post, and I'm loving it!

Color: Red Carpet Manicure's Violetta Darling

2.  Last weekend we made a a trip to Tennessee to visit Martin's family for his brothers birthday.  His brother didn't know we were coming and it was fun surprising him.

3. I've decided that due to my face getting fuller with this pregnancy that I need to master contouring and highlighting to bring a little life back into it. . .any advice on where to start?!?

4.  I learned an awesome tulip trick.  If you poke a hole, use a toothpick or needle, at the top of the stem under the flower they will stay upright for longer.  I've had these since Monday and they are still looking great.  Clearly I'm on a purple kick!

5.  My parents are coming to visit this weekend.  It will be nice to not be the ones doing the traveling this weekend (mainly because I've traveled for the last two weekends) and it will be nice to see them.

Enjoy the first weekend of spring, let's keep our fingers crossed that it feels like spring!

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Bumpdate | Week 18

Week|  18

Total Weight Gain| I think I've decided that I need to stop getting on the scale in between doctors appointments.  As long as I'm eating healthy and working out, that's the most important thing.  I definitely tend to check in when I feel like I've eaten too much, and I still haven't adjusted to the constantly growing number - even though I know that's what's supposed to happen!

Gender| April 30th is the day, can't wait! Haha, oops. . . pregnancy brain, that should have been March 30th!

Symptoms| Still mostly growing pains, and I've noticed I've been more prone to headaches, which I've read is a symptom of the hormones.  I'm kinda a big baby when it comes to headaches, so if I can keep those at bay I will.  I don't have any strong aversions, and I feel like I go back and forth between feeling like I've got my energy back, and then having days where I feel completely exhausted and can't keep my eyes open.  And, pregnancy brain.  I definitely find myself in ultra spacey moments, and stuttering over what I'm going to say.

Cravings|  Going strong on the cheese.  I still love those spicy California rolls, but that cheese, I don't know what it is.

Sleep|  I am sleeping good!  So good in fact I want more of it.  I've added an extra king size pillow to the mix which is helping me feel a little bit more comfortable since I have a really hard time staying in the same position all night.  I have a feeling as I get bigger, I may need something a little bigger to help out.

Clothes|  I ordered some pants online last week, and so far I've had luck with casual pants, but finding work pants seems to be my nemesis.  What is with things having stretch in the title and then you get them and there is no way they have stretch in them, which I think is plain silly for maternity clothing.  And wearing a sports bra now feels like wearing a straight jacket, but I guess I will get used to that!

Workouts| I slacked a little bit on this one this week, only 2 workouts.  Though one of them was a 3 mile walk outside, and the sheer fact that I got to walk outside and get my face in the sunshine made my week.

Nursery|  All of the furniture and major stuff is out of the room.  Now onto cleaning out the closet, and it's time to get the new flooring ordered, we're moving forward!

Movement|  Nothing definite yet, though sometimes I wonder if some of the things I'm feeling might be the baby, hopefully something definite soon.

Best Moment this Week|  Visiting Martin's family and hearing about their excitement for our little one's arrival!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Natural Skin Care | Radha Beauty

I've shared a handful of times over the last year or so about my quest for more natural products in my day to day.  It's something that started with my diet, in trying to get away from as many processed foods as possible to my skin care and daily products to my home care items.  It never ceases to amaze me how many chemicals are in things now, and how many things we unknowingly expose ourselves to.

It was something that I never gave much thought to until I started discovering small issues with my health.  That's when I realized how much what I put in and on my body could effect it.  Knowing that I have that control is amazing, but it can also be challenging at times because often the products that are most readily available and cost effective are that way because they can be produced with ingredients that don't cost that much, and can be around for a long time, aka they have chemicals in them.

When I found out about a newer company, Radha Beauty, offering natural and pure products I was excited to give them a try, as I am with any new discovery.  I love trying new things because you never know what your going to find.

What I love most about Radha Beauty is the principal that it was formed on.  Their mission is to embellish beauty with the earth's most natural oils while partnering with earth-loving, women-empowering organizations.  Their belief is that you don't need chemicals for beauty, but instead using products that have been around and been used for many years and generations.

I got a chance to try both their 100% Pure & Organic Argan Oil and their 100% Pure Fractionated Coconut Oil.  The Argan oil comes in a large 4 oz bottle, and in my opinion a great price on Amazon for a pure and organic product.  It has barely any smell at all and so many uses, I haven't been able to test them all out yet.  You can use it on your hair, skin, and nails.  You can apply it directly, mix it in with other products you are using, or add it to your bath to add moisture from head to toe.  It has a light feel and doesn't feel heavy or greasy at all.

As much as I was looking forward to trying our the Argan Oil, I was super excited about the Fractionated Coconut Oil.  I knew what I was going to use this for before it even arrived.  Coconut oil is one of the best carrier oils, meaning I can use it with all my favorite Young Living Essential Oils to apply them directly to my skin.  Besides that it's also a natural antioxidant and disinfectant, it's odorless, and has a very long shelf life.

Needless to say both of these products will get plenty of use in my skin care routine, I love that I found a new natural product line with a great philosophy!

*This post was powered by BrandBacker.  I was supplied with the products, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Spring Anorak

The temperatures these last few days have been the biggest tease.  Although they have been 100% enjoyable, you just know they aren't around to stay. . .I may have glanced ahead in the forecast and they definitely aren't around to stay.  So although we were barely in need of a jacket this past weekend, we still will be in need of one this spring, and I am in desperate need of a new one.

With this pregnancy it seems like everything is expanding and feeling tight, including my jackets around my shoulders (I blame my ever growing chest for this one).  I'm not really keen on investing in a maternity jacket, plus I haven't found many that don't just look like a big tent, so I' thinking of just sizing up in a regular jacket, something I can get some use out of in the future.

After looking around I think going with an anorak is the key, mainly because of the gathering on the sides.  I hoping that will give me some flexibility in terms of space around the middle.

Here are a few contenders I've rounded up.

Top: Forever 21 | Nordstrom | Loft
Bottom: Macy's | Loft | Macy's

The one I'm most in love with is the one from Forever 21, the navy with the gold accents, which is great from a price stand point, but of course it's sold out as of today.  Have you spotted anything similar recently? 

In the past I've always found really great options for spring jackets at discount retailers like Nordstrom Rack, or TJ Maxx and I went searching the other week and came up completely empty handed - please tell me I'm not the only one?!

What are you looking for in a spring jacket?

Friday, March 13, 2015

High Five for Friday

So glad it's Friday!  The weather has been absolutely gorgeous this week, and it has just been great for every one's spirit - including my own!  I haven't had to wear my winter coat, I've been able to loose the gloves, it's just glorious!  And on another upside, I get a long weekend, Martin and I are headed out of town to visit his family this weekend which I am looking forward to.  Both of those things are a plus in my book!

Here's a look back at my week. . .

1.  Last weekend I was headed out of town for a work training seminar and it was the first time I could remember that Charlie wanted to come with me!

2.  Although this last weekend was full and busy, it's always nice to see everyone - I miss working with these guys! #bffsinblack

3.  I spend Monday as a much needed me day.  I went out searching for maternity clothes, and had some luck, but man is it hard shopping for an ever changing figure.  I figured since I was out and about, and since I had been gone for the weekend, I needed some sushi - I was having withdrawal!  Seeing this picture makes me want some right now!

4.  This week I took my first walk outside in I don't know how long, it was so wonderful to be out in the sun I can't even put it into words!  I logged 3 miles, and I can't wait to do more - I'm in desperate need of some vitamin D, I swear I'm starting to become see through!

5.  Speaking of sun bathing, Max was also soaking up some rays and enjoying the gorgeous weather we've been having this week.

Where ever you are I hope you get to enjoy a weekend without winter coats and gloves,  I will be, for sure!  Happy Weekend!

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Bumpdate | Week 17

Week|  17

Total Weight Gain| I haven't stepped on a scale since my doctors appointment last week, so I'm hoping I'm still around a 10 pound weight gain.  Seeing the number creep up on the scale is definitely one of the hardest parts for me, it's hard to remember it's supposed to be doing that because for all the rest of my life I've been trying to avoid that!

Gender| ???  3 weeks until we find out!

Symptoms| Lately mostly just what I refer to as growing pains, aching and stretching.  Besides that I feel like this baby is magnetically attracted to my bladder!  I've read that it's supposed to lighten up in the second trimester, and that just does not seem to be the case with me!

Cravings|  I'm not off the spicy California rolls by any means, but I'm totally leaning more towards the cheese this week.  This baby better have strong bones, I'm getting my calcium for sure!

Sleep|  This last week and the beginning I found myself waking up tons of times throughout the night, kinda in a semi awake state.  I know I'm awake, I don't need to get up to use the bathroom or anything, and eventually I drift back to sleep but I have no idea how long I'm awake for.  The later part of the week, I've been sleeping like a champ, fantastic sleep - but that might be partly due to being worn out from an extensive work weekend.

Clothes|  I finally actually made a trip to hunt for some new clothes.  I picked up a handful of items, but I'm still lacking on the pants side, which is no surprise since I've always struggled with finding pants I like.  I just got an email this morning for Gap's Friends and Family sale so I may order some pants from there to give a try.

Workouts| I made it to the gym 4 times this week, I am so proud of myself!  I think 4 times is my good number, I was really striving for 5 but I was just so tired by the time Friday rolled around.  I'll take each week as it comes, but I feel guilty when I'm not getting enough movement in for the week.

Nursery|  More stuff is getting cleared out of the room, we're getting there!  Now we have to decide what we are going to go for the flooring.  We either need to replace the carpeting, or we're contemplating putting in the same laminate floor we used in my office.

Movement|  Waiting. . . and hoping soon!

Best Moment this Week|  I had a crazy work trip last last weekend and I was so thrilled to just be home and get a great night's sleep in my bed on Sunday night, at the time nothing could have topped that!

In Other News|  Everything was a ok with my early glucose test, which feels like a weight off my shoulders, but I have to keep up with the good eating as much as I can and hope that the next one I have to do has the same results.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spring Inspiration

The last few days we have received a glimmer of spring, and it has been absolutely wonderful!  We have hit temperatures that I can't remember the last time I felt that on my skin.  To get to go outside with an unzipped jacket, and no need for gloves and boots is glorious.  To say that I'm excited about the arrival of spring is clearly an understatement.

I'm getting the bug to inject a little spring everywhere I can so today I've rounded up some of my spring inspiration.

I'm dying for a lavender manicure like this.  I think I'm going to have to make a stop for some new polish today.

Love the idea of using birds next to decorate, check out these 20 ideas.

This simple spring vignette is perfect and lovely, and that bunny sign looks like it would be easy to DIY.

I am in need of a spring wreath and love this one with the grapevine and monogram, definitely something I think I could recreate.

Doesn't this pink lemonade cake just look divine?  I don't know if I'd ever have the talents to recreate something this gorgeous, but it's tempting to try.

Love this cute little DIY pom pom bunnies.  They would be a great addition to a spring mantel or vignette.

Love this round up of sparkling drinks for spring, especially since there are a handful on non alcoholic ones in the mix, which is right up my ally right about now.

With all those great spring drinks, now you need to host a party!  Check out these tips for throwing the sweetest spring dinner party.

And of course tulips.  This image just spoke spring, I've been spotting tulips every time I go to the grocery store lately, it's time some head home with me!

What are you looking forward to this spring?

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Bumpdate | Week 16

Week|  16

Total Weight Gain| I'm up about 8 - 10 pounds.  My doctors are counting my weight gain from my first prenatal appointment I had at 8 weeks, which I think is a little misconceiving because I'd already gained a little bit of weight at that point, or it was the holidays, one of the two.

Gender| ???  No luck at our 16 week appointment, but our 20 week anatomy scan is officially scheduled for March 30th, can't wait!

Symptoms| Nothing too crazy, just some mild symptoms that sound pretty regular.  More congestion, more headaches then normal, and general what I'm assuming are growing pains.

Cravings|  I am still holding strong with my spicy California rolls and cheese cravings.  In fact I had spicy California rolls last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and yesterday for lunch and dinner. . .don't judge me, they're just so good!

Sleep|  I seem to be sleeping a little more restless these last few days, I'm hoping it's just temporary.  I've been looking into purchasing a pregnancy body pillow but haven't pulled the trigger on one yet.

Clothes|  I really have to get on this, I'm hating all my regular clothes, they are feeling way too tight and snug, but I'm still not quite big enough for some of the maternity stuff, so I'm kinda in that awkward phase.  I have a feeling I'll be doing a lot of layering of tank tops and jackets/sweaters.

Workouts| Slowly picking up my game, I made it to the gym 3 days this week and I'm aiming for more next.  I gotta get back and track because I just feel so much better when I do!

Nursery|  We're slowly starting to get the room cleaned out.  Martin has been posting a lot of the stuff that's hanging around in our future nursery on Craigslist and it's starting to go which means we are slowly making progress.

Movement|  Nothing yet, but we saw our baby hanging out upside down at my 16 week appointment wiggling around.

Best Moment this Week|  Getting a good check up and hearing our babies strong heart beat.  Every milestone down feels like such an accomplishment, and nothing is better then the sense of relief I have after each appointment knowing that everything is looking ok.

In Other News|  Because of my PCOS I have to be screened earlier for gestational diabetes, I had my blood glucose test on Monday, haven't heard anything yet but I'm crossing my fingers all is well.  I'll have to repeat the test later, closer to the time when they would normally test.  It was so not fun, I am not used to consuming that much sugar at all and I got the most raging headache after that, definitely not looking forward to the repeat!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

February Favorites

Hello March!  I'm full on throwing a temper tantrum over hear because it's March and still nasty as ever outside, come on spring come on, I can't wait for you to get here!  I don't know if it's just me getting older, but I am definitely getting more impatient with these winters each year.

Now that a new month is upon us, here is a little look at some of the products that I was loving in February.

This is for sure an oldie, but still a favorite.  My college roommate introduced me to this stuff, and though it's on the pricier end for lotion I snagged this bottle at TJ Maxx for half price and I love how moisturizing it is.  While everyone around me has been complaining about dry itchy winter skin, mine has been just fine this month.  I like that this lotion is light weight, and soaks in quickly, and has a nice scent, but it doesn't stick around for too long.

My Urban Decay Naked Skin Liquid Foundation has been a favorite of mine since I first gave it a try over a year ago.  I've tried a few other foundations and always find myself back with my Urban Decay, so when I found out they were releasing a concealer that was a part of the same line I was excited to give it a try.  So far, it does not disappoint.  I've been using it primarily for my under eye area, and not only does it provide great coverage, it also has a brightening affect to it which is great for those dark under eye areas.  It stays put all day without caking or falling into lines on my face, so far so good.
This is the first, and only belly cream I've used so far this pregnancy, but I am determined to keep those stretch marks at bay.  I've mentioned time and time again I love my Honest Company stuff, so I knew I wanted to give this one a try when the time came.  It's thick and moisturizing, without being heavy and greasy.  I've been using this in combination with a few drops of my Young Living Lavender Essential Oil mixed in because a friend told me she avoided stretch marks while she was pregnant with twins by using a combination of oil and lavender.  Lavender is known for it's affects on the skin, and it's a calming oil which helps the body to adapt. 
*Click here to give The Honest Company a try, I do receive an incentive if you order through my link.

I tend not to stray too far from my eye shadow favorites, but last time I was in Ulta I picked up this new palette and I'm loving it so far.

The colors are right up my ally, and I love the little guide that comes with it giving you a how to to create three different looks.  The only downfall is I don't feel like these shadows are on the powdery side, you can tell by the palette, you rub your brush in them and they seem to go everywhere.  But I've already used almost every color on there, which is big for me because I tend to stick to my two favorite shadows day in and day out.

What products were you loving in February?

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

DIY Shower Bombs

I love making my own bath products, they are usually relatively simple and have few ingredients in them.  Which is great because usually a lot of bath products have a mile long list of ingredients you've never heard of, if you make it yourself, you know exactly what you're getting.  A long while back I shared my DIY lotion bars, and today I thought I would tackle some DIY Shower Bombs.

I've been wanting to tackle the shower bombs mostly because during this pregnancy I've had a lot of congestion, which I've heard is a common side effect.  But for me congestion can lead to headaches, and frankly I'm a big baby when I have a headache.  So I decided to make some decongestant shower bombs, but really you can make any type you want depending on the oils that you add.

Image Via

Once you decide which aromatherapy you are going for the ingredients are very simple.

The base of your bomb is going to be baking soda, and you will need some silicone molds as well, and of course your essential oils.

For this one I used my Young Living Eucalyptus and Peppermint oils, which I already use on there own all the time to help with congestion and headaches.

You will also need some cornstarch (not pictured), some citric acid (which can be found in the grocery store by the canning supplies) which will give your bomb that little bit of fizz, and a spray bottle with water.

Start by mixing 1 cup of baking soda, 1/2 cup of citric, and 1/2 cup of cornstarch in a small mixing bowl getting rid of any clumps.

Next, add the essential oils of your choosing then spritz the mix with water.  Keep spritzing with water and mixing until your mix is the consistency of wet sand.

The spritzing water is important because of the citric acid, if you just pour water in your acid will fizz, if you spritz, you'll be saving the fizz for the shower or bath.

Once your mix is the consistency of wet sand, press into your silicone molds.

I found the green mold at Ikea for like $.99, the other molds I used were silicone cupcake liners I had around.  This mix made a lot and I ended up filling the green mold, as you can see, and making 12 discs with the cupcake liners filling them about a third of the way full.

Then you just have to let your shower bombs try, I recommend letting them sit at least over night because if you try to take them out of the mold too soon, before they are dry, they will just crumble apart, which happened to me with some of the ones in the green mold!

After ample drying time, gently pop them out of your silicone molds and they are ready to go!  Drop one in the bottom of your shower and it will gradually dissolve throughout your shower giving you the aromatherapy benefits, or you can drop one in your tub if your taking a bath.