Thursday, February 26, 2015

Bumpdate | Week 15

Week|  15

Total Weight Gain| Ok I think I'm about plus 6 ish pounds, I really do need to step on the scale a little more often because I realized when I don't for awhile it's more shocking to the system to see those numbers jump up!

Gender| ???  Starting to get super anxious, hope to find out soon!

Symptoms| I've been feeling a ton of growing and stretching pains across my stomach this week so I'm hoping that means I'll be starting to show a little bit more soon.  Also the bathroom trips have intensely increased intermittently throughout the day, I read it's supposed to let up in the second trimester, but so far that hasn't proven to be the case for me.

Cravings|  Sushi!  Or at least my kind of sushi, California and veggie rolls with spicy mayo on top, yes very specific I know.  There is this place by my work that I refer to as the fast food Japanese place (I refer it to that mostly just because you order at a counter, but they still make everything fresh as you order it) that is the best, I think they are starting to see me walk in and know my order, I just can't get enough of it!  Plus I'm still on the cheese from before, but my sushi with my spicy mayo, that's where it's at!

Sleep|  I've been sleeping pretty great this week, and although my bathroom trips during the day don't seem to be lightening up, I seem to be getting up less often during the night which I'll take.

Clothes|  I still haven't done much about this, I feel like I so badly want to get a new spring wardrobe, and well it's not spring yet, it's so not even close to spring yet.  But I so badly don't want to buy winter maternity clothes that I'm hoping I won't really be able to get that much use out of because it's going to be spring soon, right?  Please?!

Workouts| I totally slacked this last week.  I got in one workout at home, and all the rest of the days I used the fact that I had a full day dance event on Sunday as my excuse to procrastinate.  That being said, I did dance all day on Sunday and that has to count for at least two workouts, right?

Nursery|  I'm anxious to get a jump on this, but am waiting until we find out the gender to really jump into planning.

Movement|  Nothing yet, but I'm starting to feel things that I wonder is that really just a pull or a stretch or is that the baby, especially the ones that are more short lived.

Best Moment this Week|  I can say I have never been more relieved to put on my sweats then I was on Sunday night after dancing all day.  I was so tired, and everything felt sore, and my feet have not been in that much pain since who knows when that it felt so incredibly good to get home and put on my comfy clothes and just stand on the cold tile floor in my bare sore feet, it was such a relief!


  1. You look great! Your skin is so're truly glowing. I'm jealous! :)

  2. I love these posts . . . especially cause I'm just a week behind you so it's so much fun to follow along! I need to get on posting my weekly updates though, I've definitely been slacking.

  3. Yay for getting close to finding out the gender! So exciting!

  4. My face might be doing ok, but I'm getting these red bumps all over my chest, don't know what that's all about!

  5. Looking great, lady! Glad to hear you're feeling pretty good, too!

  6. Can't wait to see what's going on with you!