Thursday, February 12, 2015

Bumpdate | Week 13

Week|  13

Total Weight Gain| I think I'm holding steady at about 5 lbs gained, give or take since I'm not exactly sure what I started at.

Gender| ???  Anxious to find out, but trying not to be too anxious since our anatomy scan is still a bit away.

Symptoms|  This week changed the game for me a little bit.  I got sick, like not just nauseous, but sick, for the first time ever on Friday, of course the day after so many people asked how I was feeling and I was telling them how great I was feeling.  I didn't feel great Saturday either, and then it was like it never happened and I felt great again.  If that's all of that that I get I'll take it!  I've heard your bloating goes down a lot after the first trimester, which I think I'm experiencing, but I still am pretty exhausted more often then not.  Especially once I hit the later part of the week, kinda like now.

Cravings|  Cheese, mostly quesadillas and grilled cheese sandwiches.  I probably need to lay off the cheese a little bit for the sake of my vanity and not wanting to gain 100 pounds, but it's soo good!  I justify it with the fact that I'm making sure I get enough calcium, right?!

Sleep|  Still pretty decent, I don't know if I've just been so tired lately or what but I've found myself sleeping through the entire night often lately without even getting up for a bathroom break.  Not every night, but several times in the last week.  One thing I do notice is how unbelievably thirsty I am when I wake up, I have to start to remember to keep water on my bed side table.

Clothes|  I have purchased one pair of maternity work pants, and I am gravitating towards them all the time, really because they are super comfortable.  Way more comfortable then just leaving a button undone on my regular pants.  I ordered a few things from Old Navy, mostly just because I had some super cash to redeem.  There are a few other pairs of pants I'm eying online, which is really what I need now, though I feel like I'm sick of all of my clothes and want new everything, that's not going to happen all at once!

Workouts|  I'm still making the effort, but I'm not getting in as many sessions as I hope for during the week.  I'm sure it's the combination of that, and the pregnancy, and the cheese eating where I just feel more puffy all over, though Martin claims that I don't, I think he's just being a good husband.  I also bought the Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Project DVDs, there is one DVD for each month of pregnancy.  I've only done it two times so far, but it's pretty good.  It concentrates more on toning and it definitely leaves me feeling sore in the areas we've worked the next day, especially in my butt, which is good because that is one area I feel is growing the fastest!

Nursery|  I'm really getting excited to start working on this, but first we have to clear out the room that will be the nursery.  Right now it pretty much houses all of our overflow junk, which is way too much stuff.  So project number one is purge!

Movement|  I hear things start to happen around week 17 to 20, but I'm looking forward to it!

Best Moment this Week|  I really started telling all the students at work.  My co workers already knew, but as I see the students it's a gradual process for everyone to find out and it's fun and exciting to let people know and to let your secret out!

In other new things this week, you may notice my new hair cut!  I got a ton chopped off, and really I'm still on the fence about it!  It's way shorter then I anticipated, I was thinking it was going to be brushing my shoulders and I think we're missing that mark by a few inches.  And don't forget my hair is naturally curly, I haven't even dried it curly yet because I'm afraid it will become chin length!  I'm sure it will grow on me, probably more so once it's grown a few inches!  That's the good news, hair will grow!


  1. I think your haircut looks great. It's always fun to change it up and remember the LOB is so in right now.

    I love cheesy anything, you have me craving dang quesadilla's haha.

    Hope the sickness stays away!

  2. Oh man quesadillas! haha! I was on a huge quesadilla kick for most of 2013..i would make a huge batch of boneless skinless chicken on sundays and then use it in quesadillas all week long!!

  3. I love your hair! It looks so cute! You're absolutely glowing!

  4. Thanks for the reassurance! Seriously can't get enough of those quesadilla's!

  5. Thanks girl, glad you like it! You can never go wrong with some Wisconsin cheese curds, the BEST!

  6. Ohhh, that sounds SO good right now!

  7. Thanks girl, I like the new look your rocking with your hair too!

  8. Ahh!! I was totally going to comment on loving your hair before you said that you chopped it off! I think it looks great and the curl is perfect! Perfect for a glowing momma :) :)

  9. Aww, thanks girl, you are sweet!

  10. I think your hair looks absolutely fantastic! I know the feeling when it turns out differently than you anticipated, but nonetheless, you definitely can rock it. I'm sorry that you finally felt sick this week, but at least you bounced back pretty quick! I love that you are craving cheese - maybe I need to send you some Wisconsin cheese curds! :)