Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Valentine's Gift Ideas for Her

Welcome to the last week of January!  You know what that means, Valentine's Day is right around the corner!  I'm excited that it's actually on Saturday this year, meaning I get to spend part of it with my husband.  Usually we end up celebrating the weekend after or something to the effect because we don't even see each other on the average week day.  We don't do anything big, but we do exchange cards and a little gift.

Today I've rounded up a few items that would make a great Valentine's gift for her, aka my Valentine's Wish list, hint hint.

Clutch  |  Heat Ring  |  Heart Earrings  |  Roman Numeral Necklace  |  Gold Bangle

Clearly I have my heart drawn to more delicate pieces at the moment, like the heart ring and earrings.  I'm loving that lilac pink color of the clutch that I've seen popping up recently in the stores, it's totally making me itch for spring.  I think the idea of having something like your wedding date would be awesome on the roman numeral necklace.  And we already know I love my Kate Spade idiom bracelets that I already have, so of course I'd love the gold one too!

What's on your radar this Valentine's Day?


  1. I wanted to wait until the wedding to wear my roman numeral necklace but it's just so dainty and cute I haven't taken it off since!

  2. Such a great post idea - I love that pink clutch!


  3. I spy the Heart of Gold Kate Spade bracelet! I sure hope you get it eventually - I wear mine almost everyday! This is a great round up of things - I love dainty jewelry, and the color of that clutch is perfect.

  4. I've discovered these posts help my husband ;)

  5. Those bracelets are so great, I've worn my rose gold one a ton, but I have yet to break out my silver one!

  6. LOVE that clutch! Such a cute color! Hoping you get something off your list! ;-)