Wednesday, December 3, 2014

November Favorites

I seriously feel like I have no idea where November went.  Usually I'm pretty good throughout the month at noting and recognizing my favorites, but I came to the end of November and was thinking back on it and it just felt like such a crazy busy month, it was almost hard to remember.

This month my favorites round up in a little different.  No beauty items this month, instead they are all what I will call lifestyle.  I spent the majority of November jumping back on the clean eating bandwagon, and spending A LOT of time in the kitchen.  In fact, Martin and I just ate out for the first time in 3 weeks on Sunday.  Which is kinda huge for us, because usually on our weekends you can find us eating out nearly everyday.  And we technically didn't eat out, we ordered in, same thing really though.

I have talked on and off over the last several months about my quest to give up coffee.  It has been a huge struggle for me, mainly because I just love the taste and flavor of my morning cup.  When I did the PCOS Diva Jumpstart program at the beginning of the month coffee was a no no.  So I didn't, not once.  In fact I haven't had a cup since November 9th.  Not having the caffeine is no big deal at all, my one cup of morning coffee was the only caffeine that I was drinking, but I was desperately missing the taste.  I'm not really a tea person, but I was trying to drink some tea, and it was ok, but just not quite what I needed.

So I did a quick Google search for coffee alternatives and discovered Teeccino.  It's an herbal coffee, and it totally does the trick.  It's definitely not as robust as coffee, but when you brew it it looks like coffee.  I just add a little dash of my creamer, and its perfect.  And because it doesn't have caffeine, I can drink it any time of day.  It's perfect for this cold winter weather when I always want something warm.

They have a store locator on their website as to where you can find it, my Whole Foods only carried the large bags of grounds that you could brew in a coffee maker.  But a local health food store carried the tea bags in more flavors so I picked up the Hazelnut and Vanilla Nut flavors, I love them both.  So much so that I just ordered larger boxes straight from the Teeccino website, and I order the Chocolate Mint as well, I'm excited to give that one a try.

Next on my favorites list, my citrus squeezer.  It has been a life saver in the kitchen.  Cooking and meal planning has been one of my favorites of November that I hope to keep going as long as possible, hopefully forever!  But with my current schedule it sure does take a lot of time, and then there is the clean up!  Martin and I first used a citrus squeezer in a cooking class we took together when we were first dating.  I think we went out the next day and bought one.  So many times recipes call for fresh squeezed lime juice or lemon juice, and doing it by hand can take forever, and it's a messy pain.  With this squeezer you are done in seconds flat, and clean up is a breeze.  I recommend getting what is technically the orange squeezer because you can fit all types of citrus in it, and then you only need one.

And rounding out my favorites are some essential oils.  At the beginning of November I received my Young Living Starter kit.  I haven't dived full force into using the oils yet, but there are a few that I've really grown to like in the few weeks that I've had them.  I've been starting every morning with a glass of warm water and about 2 drops of the lemon.  They say that warm water and lemon first thing in the morning helps to wake up the digestive system, then once you've had that you can go to your coffee or tea.  I can tell a difference in the way I feel, and I like the taste of the lemon oil so much better then fresh squeezed lemon first thing in the morning.

The second oil I've really fallen in love with is a blend of oils called Purification.  I run this in my diffuser all the time.  It helps to purify and cleanse the air which I love with all the cooking we've been doing lately, and the fact that we have two cats.  Our home doesn't always smell the freshest to me, and this helps pretty much immediately.  I have already ordered bigger bottles of both of these!  I'm excited to get into more of the oils and figuring out all the things they can do.

What were you loving in November?


  1. Giving up coffee would be so hard for me :( I just decided I seriously need to give up my creamers though and switch to something a little healthier. I am bad about having creamer with a side of coffee lol and I know its not good for me! I need to grab one of those citrus squeezers too, my husband and I love lime juice in our water!

  2. I LOVE my citrus squeezer! I don't use it very often, but when I do I'm always reminded how glad I am to have it in my kitchen drawer.

  3. I'm a big fan of tea, I think if you're looking for full flavour loose leaf is definitely the way to go! I never thought of adding essential oils to flavour water, that is genius. How do you find the flavour of the lemon oil is different, is it less tart?

  4. Giving up coffee has been a many months long battle for me! I'm totally with you on the creamer, that was half my battle. Check out Coconut creamer by So Delicious, still yummy and way less bad things!

  5. Love YL essential oils!
    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  6. It's such a handy little gadget, it's amazing how much I really use it, it seems like every time I cook!

  7. The flavor is totally different with the essential oil lemon versus fresh squeezed lemon. It's not tart at all. The essential oil is actually made from the lemon rinds, I guess it kind of reminds me of the kind of lemon you would taste if you use like a lemon pepper seasoning or something of the sort. It's perfect for first thing in the morning!