Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Blush, Sequins & Boots

I realized that ever since Martin and I decided to cook more, and eat out less often, my fashion posts have also dropped off.  That is because instead of going out for dinner on Saturday night, most likely we have been cooking, and I have been wearing my pj's, not too blog worthy.

With the holidays quickly approaching there are more and more opportunities and occasions for us to go out, aka look presentable in front of people.  Though I've thoroughly enjoyed our bout of cooking at home, and hope to keep it up as much as possible.  I love knowing exactly what I'm eating, and putting into my body, and I have had fun discovering all of these new meals that I've never made before.  Though our grocery bills are definitely higher then before, we are still saving money by not eating out multiple times each weekend, that sure adds up quickly!

This past weekend we went out to a new restaurant in town to celebrate a friends birthday, and this is what I wore.

I picked up this sweater last year, though I'm almost loving this years version more with the high low hem.  I'm loving blush as a holiday color.  I paired it with one of my favorite pairs of leggings.  I love that these have a zipper and pockets so they look like pants, but really are just as comfy as true leggings.

And then there are my new black boots.  I found these at Target last week and they were exactly what I was looking for, the perfect mix of casual and dressy.  I love that they are flat, but the gold zipper up the outside adds something special, and they come up just over the bottom part of the knee.  The best part, not only are they pretty comfortable, they are also on sale this week!  You can bet I'm going back in to get that sale price!

Sweater| The Limited (Similar)
Leggings| Jessica Simpson
Boots| Target


  1. I love this outfit, perfect for any holiday occasion! I'm definitely going to check out those boots, too. Target has done a great job in that department this year.

  2. I love that sweater! Perfect for the holiday season!
    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  3. This is such a cute outfit! I love the sweater!

    This Side of Paradise

  4. Thanks Kate, never pass up an opportunity to sparkle this time of year!

  5. That sparkly shirt is everything! Love it and the boots!

  6. They are the best thing time of year, such an easy way to dress for the holidays!

  7. Thanks, gotta love a little sparkle!

  8. They totally have, I'm loving these, they are exactly what I was looking for for a great price. And usually I have such trouble with my huge calves fitting in boots, and no issues here.

  9. You can never go wrong with a little sparkle!