Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Reclaim Your Awesome

This week I have been partaking in the PCOS Diva's Jump start Program.  Not only is it a series of meal plans to help get my body feeling as healthy as possible, it is also a series of exercises to help your mind be in the best place possible.

One of yesterday's exercises really struck a cord with me.  The exercise was this;
Reclaim your awesome, reconnect with the little girl in you.  That little girl was open to the world, she was "full of awesome".

It's amazing how much our own self talk pushes our mind into a certain state.  For me this tied into a meeting I had a few weeks ago while at a training seminar.   We were focusing a lot on positive and negative self talk.  We had to make lists for each one and not surprisingly, at least to me, it was a lot harder to write down my positive self beliefs, while it was easy to fill the page with the negative.  That seemed to be the general consensus in the room.

But then we had to take our negative statements and transform them into positive beliefs.  For example if I had said "I can easily get too emotional", my transformed statement would be something like "I invest my feelings to the extreme because I care so much and am very passionate".  To me, that project is just another example of reclaiming your awesome.

If you were talking to yourself as a little girl what hopes, dreams, and wishes would you have for her?  Why is it that we are mostly surrounded with not enough's, or I wish I was, or only if's?  What if we changed that to I did, I am, and I can.

I strive to keep a positive outlook, not that I am perfect at it 100% of the time, but I know how much that it can impact everything in life.  I realize now, for me, it's hardest to keep that when looking back at myself.  The line that really set in was, "Would you ever speak to that little girl the way you're speaking to yourself right now?"

So break out your footie pajamas and reclaim your awesome!  It's about time!

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  1. Those photos of you are TOO adorable. This was a great post - we all definitely need a reminder to reclaim our inner awesome!

  2. First of were an A-DOR-ABLE little girl! LOVE the pics! Secondly, what a brilliant idea to transform the negatives into positives. I'm going to make a point to do that!

  3. Aw thanks!! Today they talked about whenever you have negative thoughts to say to yourself cancel, I've got all these tools in the shed, now just to use them!

  4. Thanks girl! It really struck home with me when they said would you talk to a little kid the way you talk to yourself, amazing the things we tell ourselves!