Friday, November 7, 2014

High Five For Friday

Is it bad that I wanted to title this post "Thank God it's Friday", for some reason that didn't seem quite appropriate.  But that is exactly how I feel.  I would feel even better if it was Friday and that meant a weekend was coming, but I won't quite be there until Monday.  It's just that time of year where it goes right from one thing into the next.  I'm just trying to keep Dory's mantra running through my head, Just keep swimming, just keep swimming. . .

While I'm still afloat here are a few moments from this past week.

1|  While I was in Vegas I had the chance to participate in a company wide teaching competition.  I had made it through 3 previous rounds of the competition to be part of the team that represented the Midwest.  Our team kicked some butt and took home 2nd place in the competition, which we were all really excited about!

2|  Our flight didn't leave until late on Sunday so with some time to kill our boss took us to Chinatown for a bite to eat.  Did you know Vegas had a Chinatown?  I didn't.  We ate at this place called Hot N Juicy where you buy seafood by the pound, it comes to your table in a plastic bag dripping with sauce and spices, and you go to work with your hands peeling and shucking and eating.  It was pretty messy, but also pretty good.  It's one of those meals where you're not sure if you burned more calories trying to eat the food than you actually ended up eating.  

3|  As much fun as traveling is, there is nothing like coming home.  One thing I like about flying into Chicago is that they always circle out over the lake to make their landing at O'hare and it's just so pretty and majestic at night with all the lights.

4|  This week I signed up for an online program I found to help get a manage on my PCOS.  I'm super excited to give this a try in hoping to have a way through diet and exercise to help regulate all of the symptoms and effects that I get from having PCOS.  Just being recently diagnosed this last year it's been a big learning curve figuring out what is all apart of this, and I hope that this is going to start to help me feel like I am more in control of my PCOS and how I am feeling.

5|  A few weeks back I had ordered my starter kit from Young Living Essential Oils after attending a session one of my friends held.  I received my kit and have been diffusing different oils every morning and evening.  I don't know much about them yet, but I am excited for the potential that they have.  I like the idea that you can use something natural to help remedy something before jumping right to the medicine cabinet.  I am looking forward to learning more about them and how I can best use them.

And as a bonus, because why not, here is how I found Max when I was on my way out the door the other day.  You know, just chilling in a basket.  I walked right by and totally did not expect to see him in there, he caught me off guard!

Here's to Friday, have a good weekend, whatever it may bring.  And remember, just keep swimming!

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  1. Congrats to your team! Vegas is full of surprises! I've only been once abd can't wait to go back! That restaurant would be right up my husbands alley! Hope you get some good info at your online PCOS seminar. I am all for learning more about infertility and it's causes and how it can be controlled or prevented! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  2. Congrats on the 2nd place finish in the teaching competition! Your gown is stunning...and you look beautiful! That's a fabulous pic you took flying into pretty with all the twinkling lights. I'm anxious to follow along with you as you learn about essential oils. I've been thinking of giving them a try!

  3. I just ordered the young living starter kit and I ALSO love flying into Chicago.

  4. Max is such a cutie!!! And girlllll, that seafood meal that you described is totally my jam! I'm not huge into ribs because they are so messy, but I don't mind if it is yummy and fresh seafood!

  5. It's so hard to not feel in control of whats going on with yourself, I'm hoping this course will help somewhat with that. Vegas is fun, but always purely exhausting! Have a great weekend!

  6. You are too kind, thank you! I'm loving the oils so far, but really I've only diffused a few. There are so many, and so many different uses. I haven't even tried all the ones in my starter kit and I'm already ready to order more to try!

  7. They offered us gloves and I declined them . . . afterwards I understood why, I don't think I would decline them a second time!

  8. You look so stunning in that first photo from Vegas - congrats on placing 2nd! I had no idea there was a Chinatown either ... that restaurant sounds super fun, though. Your kitty in the basket is TOO cute! Happy Saturday!

  9. I had no idea Vegas had a China Town!! I will have to remember that for our next trip!

  10. Thanks girl! The benefit of an Asian boss, always knows where there's a Chinatown!