Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Coated Denim

I'm back!  Sorry for my little hiatus last week, I took off on a whirlwind trip to Las Vegas for a dance competition.  It was fun, our students danced great, and also just purely exhausting!  While I thoroughly enjoyed it, I am glad to be home, and after sleeping most of yesterday away I hope I am caught up on sleep and ready to take this week on!

While most of the time in Vegas was spent in ballroom dresses and crazy hair and makeup, I did manage to wear some "normal" clothes while I was there.  I'm loving the look of coated denim whenever I see it on someone else, but I'm not 100% sold on it when I'm wearing it myself.  I'm not quite sure why, maybe it will grow on me?

Top| Target
Jeans| Joe's Jeans
Booties| Jessica Simpson via Marshalls (Similar)

I picked up my Joe's Jeans coated denim at the Outlet store at the end of last winter.  Love that store because usually I wait and search places like Nordstrom Rack or Saks Off 5th for my Joe's Jeans, but then it's just luck with whatever style and size you come across.  The Outlet carries so much, and often for the same price as the other discount stores.

The sales lady told me that the coated denim stretches out more then the regular denim and to size down.  I did, and I am yet convinced that they stretch out more than the regular denim.  Let's just say it's a relief to take them off!  I haven't worn them much at all since I purchased them so I still have hope that they will stretch out like she said.

Do you have coated denim in your closet?


  1. That outfit is so cute...one that can easily be casual or dressy! I don't own any coated denim...I'm still on the hunt to find a pair of boyfriend jeans that actually look decent on me!

  2. I dont' have coated denim yet, but I absolutely love the look. I'm forever on the look out for a good pair at the Rack, but haven't found them yet

  3. Cute outfit! I don't own any coated denim, but I agree that it looks great on others. Glad you had a good trip!

  4. Why are jeans the hardest thing ever to add to your closet?! Have you tried Joe's? I haven't tried any of their boyfriend jeans yet, but I've been in love with every other pair I've tried, so comfy!

  5. I haven't seen any at my Rack either yet, but I would think some should pop up soon! I would keep an eye on the flash sale sights too like Haute Look.

  6. Thanks girl, it feels a little too edgy on me, but I'm giving it a try. So glad to be back home!