Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fall Look For Less

We just had the most gorgeous weekend, and honestly it makes me a little afraid of what's to come.  But seriously I wore flip flops yesterday, flip flops in Chicago at the end of October, totally loving it!

Today is all about the fall look for less.  I wore this outfit out on Sunday when Martin and I headed to the last Vintage Faire of the season.  Though there were tons of goodies to look at, I only brought one small treasure home.  But with the weather, just being outside and walking around was a treat in and of itself.

Plaid Shirt| Old Navy
Vest| Old Navy
Jeans| NY & Co (Similar)
Boots| Xoxo, Famous Footwear (Same)

I am all about a good deal, and will pretty much never pay full price for anything.  There is always a coupon, or sale bound to happen.  Columbus Day weekend I scored the top and vest from Old Navy Online.  They we're having 25% off of everything, and plus since I am signed up for their emails I had received a coupon code for 40% off one item allowing me to get both items for just around $30.  

Signing up for emails is a great way to save at your favorite online retailers.  My advice, since your email will get bombarded with them, is to set up a separate, free email account (like gmail, or yahoo) that you will use just for this purpose.  Then your regular email isn't always swimming in a sea of ads, but you can easily find  them when you need them.  More often than not stores give their email subscribers extra perks, like a special coupon code, why not take advantage of it.

The jeggings are an old NY & Co purchase.  NY & Co, don't buy it unless it is at least 40% off, because if it isn't right now, it either will be soon, or you will soon have a coupon in your possession that's for something like $45 off of $100.

And then there are the boots.  See I didn't actually wear these boots with this outfit, these are just the boots I wanted to wear with this outfit.  I have been on the hunt for a pair of cognac boots with a slightly stacked heal to add to my wardrobe this fall.  I already have many pairs of boots, and was looking for something inexpensive to fit the bill.  I just happened to stop in Famous Footwear (which I don't too often) and found these boots that fit everything that I was looking for, including the price.  They were on sale for only $40!

They had this mark on the front of them, so I asked the sales associate if that was just normal wear and tear.  He said the leather scratches easily, and that he could buff it out, at which point I was confused because I checked the label and these were 100% synthetic boots, no leather here.  So I kinda said something like "Oh that works even it it's not real leather?"  He assured me it did and proceeded to use one of their products to "buff" this scratch out.  It made this huge dark spot of the front of the boot, and he then assured me once again it would dry, but if not I could return the boots.

We'll several days later and the spot looks the same as when he first applied whatever concoction it was.  Needless to say it didn't dry.  I was super disappointed until Martin helped me track down another pair at another location, now they just have to be swapped out, hopefully today!

What's your favorite way to score a look for less? 
*Anyone else remember that TV show?!?


  1. I love this look! We were on the same page with vests this weekend. That's super annoying about your boots, but I'm glad you found another pair to swap them out with!

  2. You always have the best outfits!! Love the vest and the jeans!!


  3. The new pair is now in my possession! :) Glad I could easily replace them!