Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Elegance Obsession: Navy

As the cooler weather sets in I find myself more and more drawn to the neutrals in my closet.  One of the neutrals I'm currently obsessed with is navy, I just can't seem to get enough (or have enough in my closet!).  I think it pairs so well with the other neutrals of fall, camel and burgundy.  At least what I consider to be the neutrals of fall, because you can pair them all with such a wide variety of colors, but especially each other.

Here are a few of my current navy favorite finds.

Sweatshirt | Dress | Vest | Earrings | Nail Polish
Planner | Scarf | Rain Boots | Jacket | Bag | Blazer

I wouldn't hesitate to add every single item into my closet, in fact I kinda wish I could right now!  I've had my eye on that Lily Pulitzer Planner for while now, and that Old Navy Jacket looks perfect for the fall, plus they are running 20% off right now online which doesn't hurt either!  My nails have been navy for the last week, which may have inspired my obsession!  Pair together a little navy and gold and to me you have the ultimate, classic, sophisticated look.

What color are you obsessing over this fall?

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  1. I love your inspiration board! I've been all about navy, too - I agree that navy paired with camel or burgundy or gold is the ultimate sophisticated fall look. I recently picked up a navy puffer vest with gold hardware from TJMaxx, and I am just itching to wear it!

  2. Sounds like a great find, can't wait to see it! Yesterday I managed to pair navy, burgundy, and black and I loved it! I don't think I would have ever put all of those colors together before!

  3. I was going through my closet yesterday and notice a lot of navy. I guess I'm crushing on it, too. I need to pick up that essie polish!

  4. Get that polish, I'm loving my navy nails!