Wednesday, September 3, 2014

White After Labor Day

The adjustment back to real life after a long weekend is always a hard one.  Weekends aren't long enough to begin with, and then you get the taste of a little more and you just wish it would keep going and going!  The good thing about my schedule is I get a short week leading up to a holiday weekend, that means a regular week afterwards though, can't win 'em all.

Do you follow the old rule of not wearing white after Labor Day?  Not me!  I love how fresh and clean wearing white feels, and though I wear it after Labor Day I've found that I don't tend to wear it that much into the fall and winter.  My mission this year to to tie it into my wardrobe as the seasons change and see what I can create.

Ever since Karly @ Miss in the Midwest shared her awesome kimono she scored at TJ Maxx I have been on the hunt for one of my own.  I was seeing them pop up all over blogland, but every time I would step foot in store they were no where to be found.  Then I started to see a few, but with really long dangly fringe, I wasn't feeling it with the fringe.  And then one day it happened.  I stopped in Marshalls and I found my kimono, on the clearance rack nonetheless! 

I love all of the colors it has and I love that it will transition nicely into fall.  It's such and easy way to dress up an outfit and make a casual tank and shorts look a little more special.

Have you jumped on the kimono trend?

Shorts| Old Navy
Tank| Loft
Kimono| TJ Maxx (Similar)
Purse| Michael Kors Outlet (Same)
Flip Flops| Banana Republic (Similar)

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  1. I didnt like kimonos at first, but now they have grown on me! I love the print on yours!

  2. Yeah, you finally found one! I love the colors, it definitely suits you. Thanks for the shout out, girly. :)

  3. I love kimonos! The one you got is so pretty!

    Crumbs & Curls

  4. I was a little indifferent at first too, I was worried the drapiness (word?) would make me look bigger, but I got the thumbs up from the husband so there we go!

  5. You inspired me, I'm so happy I finally found one!