Thursday, September 4, 2014

A Day In The Life

I, for one, always love learning a little bit more about the face behind the blog.  It's funny because you feel like you start to develop connections and followings with some people through this great blogging world, but there is still so much left to the imagination.  I just love to learn people's stories.  What is their career?  How did they fall into that path?  Where are they from?  What's their life like?

Today I thought I would share a little glimpse into my crazy world.  I tried to pick a pretty typical day for me.  This is what went down in my life last Thursday.

7:00AM: I haven't heard my alarm go off yet, but I hear the cats.  Max is by my head meowing for breakfast and Charlie is hovering, licking my hand.  I try to brush them away for a few more precious minutes of sleep.

7:30AM: My alarm officially goes off, I hit the snooze button on instinct, but before I can doze back off my mind starts going through what I need to get done this morning.  I do a quick check on my phone, emails, Facebook, you know the important things, as I wake myself up.

7:40AM: Once I have pulled myself out of bed, first things first, the cats must be fed.  I start the coffee maker, and while I'm waiting for my most favorite part of each morning I load the dishwasher.  It feels like forever, but finally my coffee is ready.  That morning cup of coffee is always just what I need.  I pour myself a cup, and take it into my office.

8:00AM: Time to wrap up today's blog post.  My goal is to get it up within the next half hour.  I have some proof reading to do and some pictures that still need to be added in.  It's always entertaining to see what I had previously written, I almost always find something funky in each post.

8:30AM: Goal achieved, I got today's post up.  That means I have a little bit of what I like to call me time.  Time to read some of my favorite blogs.  I log into my bloglovin' feed and start clicking through, it feels like I will never catch up with how many I have to read!  I get through as many as I can in the next half hour.

9:00AM: Time to get off the computer and get my butt to the gym.  I run upstairs and change into my workout clothes, grab my headphones and some water and am in the car.  I get 30 minutes in on the elliptical and have some time to cram in some weights, abs, and a little stretching before I'm out of there at 10:00AM.

10:00AM: Back from the gym, it's time to get a few things done around the house.  I have a little time yet before I need to get ready for work.  Today I decide I'm going to get a few pictures hung up in our master bedroom.  This room has been one of the most neglected in our house and it's about time it got a little love, I was meaning to get to it last weekend, but that never happened.  I just on the computer real quick to order a photo from Walgreen's for one of the frames I plane to hang, and then I go to work getting them on the wall.  I don't know that I'm in love with the placement, but it's something.  At least they are finally on the wall and can be tweaked from there.

10:50AM: That took a little longer than I expected.  Time to make some breakfast real quick.  I stick to one of my usual's, a quick egg and goat cheese on a piece of gluten free toast.

11:00AM: Time to jump in the shower, but then I remember I was supposed to move my shower stuff from the downstairs bathroom to the upstairs bathroom since we have company coming this weekend and they would be using the downstairs bathroom.  I made a few trips transporting the necessities upstairs.

11:15AM: I finally get a chance to hop in the shower, a little later than I would like, but I'm not running officially late as of this point.  I always like to allow myself buffer time in there, something always seems to come up and I hate being late.  I finish getting ready for work, hair, make up, the whole nine yards.

11:55AM: I would have liked to pack my meals for the day, but I didn't do any cooking this morning and we don't have much for leftovers in the fridge.  I throw together a few snacks to take with me and plan to pick up the rest.

12:00PM: I am out the door and headed towards work.  I was planning on picking up my photo I ordered earlier but I'm leaving a little later than planned, looks like I just have enough time to stop for some food, the photo will have to wait till later.  I make a pit stop at Mariano's, love this grocery store.  I make a salad at the salad bar for lunch and pick up one of their $6 meal deals for dinner.  I really do try to cook and bring my own meals most days, it just seems like lately it hasn't been happening as consistently as it usually does.  I get a second to call Martin on my drive to check in and see how his day is going.  He reminds me his day is almost over, as mine is just beginning.

12:30PM:  I arrive at work.  I eat my lunch at my desk while I go through the schedule and prep my day.  I still have a little calm before the day picks up into full swing, I enjoy the quiet of the studio before things really start going.

1:15PM: The work day is now officially in full swing.  I start my day with a meeting with all of my staff.  It's a gorgeous day outside today so I have my meeting outside, why not.  I don't know how much longer this beautiful weather will be around and I want to soak it in while I can!

2:00PM: I teach one of the couples I have been working with for years, every Thursday at 2PM.  We have fun, laughing and dancing.

2:45PM: I have a one of one meeting with one of my teachers.  I almost make it through uninterrupted, only a few knocks at my door and a phone call.

3:30PM: I finally have some time to get some computer work done in my office.  It's always amazing to me how much time that work seems to suck up, I realize it's almost 5PM and I give Martin a call to check in and see how the rest of his day was.

5:00PM: Dinner time!  Today the studio ordered pizza in for everyone since we are celebrating 3 staff members moving forward in a company wide teaching competition.  Only bad part, I can't eat the pizza.  No wheat or dairy for me right now.  I heat up my dinner I picked up earlier and join the group.

5:30PM: Dinner is still going on, but I need to step away.  A student is coming in to show me her new ballroom dress that she purchased, wanting to make sure it looks ok and get a second opinion.  After she leaves I retire to my office for a bit, I can't believe how exhausted I feel today, if I could just close my eyes for a few minutes I think to myself, but that is definitely not going to happen!

6:00PM: Time for the evening to start.  It always goes by so quickly!  I start off with a lesson, teaching one of my students I haven't seen in awhile.

6:45PM: I spend the next hour and a half visiting the other lessons going on in the studio, stopping by, offering tips, helping with their dancing and checking in.  I take a few minutes to snap some photos of everything going on in the studio and put them on our studio Facebook page, the studio is really busy tonight!

8:15PM:  I wrap up my evening by teaching a few more lessons, and before I know it it's 9:45PM.

9:45PM: Though the work day is almost over, there is still a few things to be done.  I spend a few minutes helping one of the students pick out and order some new dance shoes missing our nightly close out meeting with all of the staff.

10:00PM:  I take a few minutes to debrief the day with my boss and get filled in on things from his perspective.

10:30PM: I am finally out the door, thank goodness the Walgreen's I sent my photo to earlier is 24hours.  I swing by on my way home and pick up the photo.

11:00PM: I am home.  The cats great my at the door, they are ready for their dinner!  I feed the cats, change into my pj's, and say goodnight to Martin.  Though he is fast asleep so I doubt he even hears me, he rolled over, but he probably won't remember our interaction.  I head downstairs, grabbing a quick snack in the kitchen and sitting down with my lap top on the couch.  It feels good to put my feet up and take a minute to unwind.  There is nothing like the silence after a day at the studio, I love it.  I check some email, scan through Facebook, and then it's time to put together tomorrow "Oh hey, Friday" blog post.  I put together as much of it as I can before my eyes start feeling super heavy, I'll have to finish the rest of it in the morning.

12:00AM: I am off to bed.  Even though I can barely keep my eyes open I try to squeeze in a little reading on my phone.  I have downloaded a book that my acupuncturist recommended, and I'm trying to make my way through it when I can.  I get a few pages in before I just can't stay awake any longer.  I am out for the night!


  1. This was so fun - you are quite the busy lady!

  2. It is definitely catching up with me this week! I'd love to see the behind the scenes of one of your days!