Monday, July 21, 2014

Nordstrom Anniversay Sale Picks Under $100

Hey everybody, happy Monday!  Hope you had a good weekend.  Martin and I got a good chunk of work done on the bathroom yesterday and it's getting so close to being finished, I can't wait to share it.  It's amazing how fast the day can fly by, especially when you are trying to get things done!

Speaking of things flying by it feels like the days are just going by way way way too fast.  I've been so wanting to do some shopping lately and I just haven't had any time.  Well that's kind of a lie.  I've done plenty of shopping lately, but most of it has been for the house, cleaning and organizing.  What I want to do is some shopping for me!

On Friday Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale kicked off online and it's great for a couple of reasons.  One, everything that's on sale is for the season coming up, fall.  And since the days keep flying by I'm sure it will be here before we know it and with this sale I'll have some new things to wear when it arrives.  Two, when you shop online Nordstrom's offers free shipping not only to you, but on your returns as well, I am definitely a fan!  Three, I love getting a good deal on nice things, and Nordstrom's has nice things. (PS. They have no idea who I am, I just like them!)

I've rounded up a few of my favorite items from the Anniversary Sale, almost all under $100, because that is how I shop.  You can hover and click on any of the items for more details.

That Michael Kors jacket is the perfect cold weather version to my Old Navy military jacket I used all spring, and this is the only item over $100, and I still think it's a good deal for what it is.  I am loving the neckline on the simple black dress, though it is a juniors so I am a little worried about the length.  I have been wanting a pair of boat shoes for awhile and love the gold accents on these, surprise surprise, I have been loving all things gold recently.  The long sleeve Halogen dress would be a perfect work dress and it looks so comfy, and I absolutely love the green blazer, such a great color and a great price!

I love tech wristlets that you can slip your phone into and I'm loving how slim this Michael Kors one is.  The BP Sweatshirt looks so comfy, but not sloppy, something easy to throw on on a casual day.  Now I just have to decide which of these pieces I to add to my closet.  If I had my way they would all be coming home with me!

Do you have your eye on anything in the Anniversary Sale?


  1. Oooh...I really like those jackets in the bottom corners. I hadn't noticed them yet! Thanks for sharing. Meanwhile, my wishlist from the anniversary sale is already a mile harm in adding 2 more items!

  2. I love all your picks, especially that military jacket. I wish I had some extra money to shop around the sale this year, but sadly I am living vicariously through all you ladies. :)

  3. I saw you wishlist, it was awesome! Jackets $50 and under, you can't beat it!

  4. Yeah, I probably shouldn't be! I have items sitting in my shopping cart right now going back and forth over them. . .wish I could just buy them all!