Thursday, July 31, 2014

Light Denim: Three Ways

Light Denim

Errands: Top, Shoes, Bag

Date night: Top, Necklace, Flats

The other day I popped into Loft just to browse and ended up trying on some light denim, while I didn't come home with the pair I tried on, I decided I now needed to find the perfect pair to add to my closet.

I tend to gravitate to more medium and dark tones when it comes to denim because I always feel like the lighter ones draw more attention to my legs and make them look bigger, but I think with the right fit and shading I should be able to hunt down a flattering pair.

The great thing about any denim is it's versatility.  So easy to dress up or down depending on what you pair it with.  Speaking of pairing with, can we talk about those Sperry's, they have gold polka dots, love them!


  1. I love the date night look! Those flats are too cute! Happy almost weekend!

  2. I love all these looks! Check Old Navy for light denim - that's where mine are from, and I believe all jeans are on sale for $19 right now. Worth a shot!

  3. Thanks Becky! I know I'm tempted to buy it all!

  4. I'll have to check it out, I haven't tried Old Navy denim in years, I used to have an issue with not having enough room for my butt :) You can't beat a pair for $19!