Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fit Tips: Travel Edition

I know with the holiday weekend coming up there is going to be some travel on a lot of people's agenda.  If not then, most likely sometime this summer.  Who can complain about a good vacation?  Time off is always needed and much appreciated, but one thing I can complain about is when you come back from said vacation feeling like you just gained 5 pounds from over indulging and lack of exercise.

When I'm home I am pretty good about sticking to a regular exercise routine, but when I am traveling that can be a whole other story.  Today I'm going to share with you my travel fitness tips so you can come back from your summer vacation refreshed and feeling great!

1. Pack your gym shoes

Or at least some shoes you can do some good walking in.  It sounds funny, but how many times have you found yourself packing your bag, needing some extra room and thought "Will I really need/use these?", and they are the things to go.  No?  Just me!?  If you don't have anything to do some good physical activity in, the likelihood of you participating in any significantly goes down!

2.  Explore the City

Whenever my husband and I travel to a new city we visit the concierge desk for a map, let them recommend some must see areas, and then head out on foot.  This isn't going to be logging any intense cardio, but you are still most likely going to be spending hours logging miles which burns a good amount of calories, much more then driving or taking a cab from place to place.

While vacationing in San Fransisco we walked miles and miles in the city exploring neighborhood after neighborhood.  The benefit to being in an unfamiliar place is you don't have a true gauge on how far something is, for us that means we usually log more miles than anticipated!

3. Have access to Healthy Snacks

Whether you buy them once you get there, or bring them with you in your suitcase, having a stash of nuts, trail mix, dried fruit, or something of the like is a definite must.  One thing that I often find when we are traveling is that our eating schedule gets all out of whack.  More often then not we end up eating way later then we are used to.  Having snacks on hand helps keep you from getting so hungry you stuff yourself at the next meal, helping you avoid hundreds of extra calories.

While vacationing in Savannah last spring we stayed at the Andaz, besides being a beautiful boutique style hotel, one of the great features was the complimentary healthy snacks they restocked in the room daily.

4. Take a Tour

Whether it be kayaking, hiking, or even just walking sign up for an adventurous and active tour versus a boat or a bus where you would be sitting the whole time.  Not only will it give you a chance to explore your surroundings, but you'll also get to learn a little along the way.  The cool thing is most cities offer such a variety of tours from architectural, to historical, or even ghost tours!

While visiting BANFF, Canada the group that I was with took a Wildlife tour, which was a combination between a bus and hiking.  We got to see so many beautiful locations from lakes, to waterfalls, to mountain tops as well as some crazy wildlife!

Those are a few of my tips I use to help stay fit while traveling, hopefully some of them come in hand as you set out this holiday weekend!  What tips do you have to stay fit while on the road?


  1. These are awesome tips - it's so hard to stay motivated to work out while on vacay!

  2. I definitely try to eat healthy when traveling--I want to feel good when i'm on vacation!