Monday, July 14, 2014

Everyday Elegance: Maxi Dress

Oh hey Monday. . .hope everyone had a great weekend!  Today is the last day of my staycation, which I am a little bit bummed about, but this weekend was super productive so it feels good to go back to work with a lot of things checked off my to do list.  Martin and I spent a ton of time outdoors working on our yard and starting to clean out our garage, plus we spent a rainy Saturday morning cleaning our carpets.  Cleaning the carpets just makes the house feel so clean, I love it, probably a little too much, but nonetheless it makes me happy!

Due to my staycation we had two date nights this week, in addition to our traditional Saturday night out, we went out for a mini date on Friday night.  I had spent all day working in the yard on Friday and was pretty beat so I picked the simple comfy outfit for our night out.

Maxi dresses are amazing for several reasons.  One, it's one piece of clothing for an entire outfit.  Two, they are incredibly comfy, perhaps more so than pajamas.  Three, they are long, meaning you don't have to worry about if you've shaved your legs or not!  Four, they can easily be dressed up or down depending on the accessories.  The list goes on, you get my point.

Clearly this outfit was all about the comfort, because I also picked my most comfortable flip flops to pair with my super comfortable maxi.  I don't know about you, but for years I would be one of those girls who would pick up a few pair of simple flip flops at Old Navy at the beginning of the summer for a few bucks a pair.  I would wear the heck out of them over the summer and then they were trash by the end, if they made it to the end.  A few summers ago I picked up a pair of Havaianas at Lord & Taylor as a birthday treat to myself.  Birthday treat because I spent $26 on a pair of rubber flip flops, but seriously I would do it again.  They have now made it through 2 1/2 summers with plenty left to go, and they are so comfortable.  The good news is I spot them at places like Nordstrom Rack so next time I spot my size I will probably be adding to my collection!

The earrings I chose to pair with this outfit were another TJ Maxx score.  I fell in love with them because they were knock offs of one a my favorite Kate Spade pairs, but for a fraction of the cost, can't beat that!

Dress| Olive & Oak, TJ Maxx (Similar,Similar)
Shoes| Havaianas, Lord & Taylor
Earrings| TJ Maxx (Kate Spade Version)

Here are a few awesome maxi dresses I wouldn't mind adding to my closet.  I found them all at Lulu's and have been eying some of them for quite awhile.  They have a tons of great maxi's at pretty great prices, the only thing that is holding me back is I have never ordered from them before.  Have you?  I'd love to hear about sizing/quality!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE my maxi dresses. I need more!!!

  2. 1. those earrings are so so pretty i love them!

    2. i love maxi dresses, its so easy to throw one on and look good and not have to think about it! I found you through friday's blog hop and am happy to be your newest follower!

    I'm hosting a giveaway too, for a Marlowe Mini, so come enter!

  3. Love the maxi you picked!! Maxis really are the best!

  4. I'm still on the hunt for a maxi dress that looks good on me. I love this one - mint and grey is one of my favourite colour combos!

  5. This was a great, casual date night outfit. I love the colors of that maxi dress!

  6. I tend to favor those that give me some sort of waist, but it can be hard. For the number of them that I've tried on, I only have a handful in my closet, good luck!