Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Bathroom Remodel: So Close!

Our bathroom remodel is getting so close to done and it feels so good!  For those of you who follow along on my instagram I shared this little sneak peak on Sunday of the progress in the bathroom.

Now before we take a closer look, it's always good to remember where you came from.  You know like way back in March when we actually started this project!  In all fairness summer has kept us a little sidetracked, but nonetheless it has been a long time coming.

Remember back when it looked like such.

I like how I didn't even bother to put the toilet seat down for the photo.  Now this was phase 1 of the bathroom makeover.  We had taken down the 1980's floral wallpaper and oak towel bars and updated the vanity, mirror, and light.  But eventually the tile wore on us, hence phase 2, major overhaul.  And now we're looking at this.

Love!  Working on this side of the bathroom was so rewarding because we got to see the results so quickly.  In the morning there really wasn't anything on that side of the bathroom other than the painted vanity.

We went with a prefabricated white quartz vanity top from Lowe's, I wasn't 100% sold on it because even though it says white, it's really more like an off white.  But with seeing everything together I think it was a good choice, if there was no budget I would have loved to go for carrara marble but that will have to wait for my dream house!  

The vanity top that we purchased had holes for a widespread faucet, I wanted to go with the Delta Porter since that is what we had used in the shower.  They had it at Home Depot for $119, but one thing I've learned from other renovations is to always check online, especially ebay.  I was able to score a brand new in the box faucet for $80, including shipping.  $30 saved, I'll take it.

The faucet and drain are really easy to assemble as long as you follow the instructions.  It probably took all of 30 min with Martin and I working together.  It's nice to have extra hands because things need to be held and tightened, and when it comes to actually putting the top on the vanity, that thing is pretty heavy!

I've picked up some hardware to put on the vanity to help give it some finishing touches.  It's so hard to choose from all the options out there, you better believe I checked them all out, and I'm still not completely sold on the ones that I came home with!
The other big addition, a toilet.  I know not the most exciting thing, but most necessary to call this room a bathroom and get rid of the big ugly hole in the floor we've been staring at for the past 4 months.  I can't say I know much about shopping for toilets.  We really just hit the isle in Home Depot and picked out a mid grade one that I liked how it looked and it was comfort height which seemed nice.  We went with the Kohler Cimarron.  Again the installation is pretty straight forward as long as you follow the instructions, I mean that's what they are there for!  And so far so good, no leaks (knock on wood).

I'm not sure if I'm sold on the mirror quite yet.  I just took the old mirror that was there and gave it a distressed paint job.

I'm leaving it for now to see if it grows on me.  The nice thing is an easy coat of spray paint can transform it to any color of my choosing.  And the best part is I've started to shop for accessories, here's a little preview of some of my finds.

I am excited to start putting on some of the finishing touches!

If your just joining me, catch up with my bathroom remodel:


  1. It is coming together so nicely! I love your finds for storage and I really like what you did with the mirror.

  2. Oh wow! You're almost there! It looks great!

  3. Loving it so far! I am always drawn into house remodel posts especially bathroom ones! I like the mirror too!

  4. It's looking fantastic - I can't wait for the final reveal!

  5. Me neither ;)! So glad it's almost done!

  6. Thanks Amanda, glad to hear the positive feedback on the mirror since I was a little iffy on it.

  7. Thanks! I know, so close, and so ready to be done!

  8. Thanks Desaree, glad to hear you like the mirror! Can't wait to get my storage finds up!