Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Bathroom Remodel: Vanity and Things

Ok, I know, I haven't updated you on the bathroom remodel in forever.  It has been extra hard with this nice weather to get motivated to stay inside and work.  But there still has been progress made, not nearly as much as probably should have been made by now, but we are definitely nearing a finish line which is exciting!

First up, the not too exciting odds and ends.  We left off with the tile being grouted, which means after the grout has cured for at least 48 hours, it needs to be sealed.  We let ours sit for a good week, mainly because of our scheduled and when we can actually get work done on the bathroom.  Let's start with a pretty picture first because really why not.

Sealing the tile is a super easy step, but super necessary.  It helps keep your grout in good condition and avoid growing things like mold and mildew from all the water it will be exposed to.  We chose to go for what seemed like the mid line product that Home Depot offered.

You simply spray it on all the grout lines and let it soak in for about 5 minutes.  After that you come back in with a damp sponge and wipe it down to get rid of any excess and drips.  It takes about 3 hours to dry, and after that you can go back in and repeat the steps to put on a second coat.  The only bummer with this step is you can't see the progress, you just have to know you are doing good for your bathroom long term.  While we were at it we also sealed the floor tile at the same time, might as well knock it all out at once!

Once that step was completed there was some caulking that needed to be done.  Not much, but I am not good with caulk, I don't know what it is, but I just don't seem to have the patience for it.  It can make such a difference in appearance and finishing things off, but I can never seem to get the nice straight lines I am looking for, so I left this step to Martin.

Once he knocked out the area around the tub it was finally time to install the shower hardware.  So excited for this step because it would make it finally look like a working space.

Oh yeah, finally coming together!

And the good news it, that's not all!  If you turn yourself around to face the other wall there has been one more update.

The vanity is back in, sporting new color.  I will be sharing the details of the vanity transformation later this week, but in the mean time since we are finally nearing the finish line, a list of what we have left.

To do:
  • Install all the trim, caulk and paint
  • Buy and install toilet
  • Install glass shower door (that has been sitting in it's box since January!)
  • Buy and install new vanity top and faucet
  • Refinish vanity mirror
  • Touch up paint around shower tile
  • Accessorize (my favorite part!)
There are still a handful of things left, but nothing is crazy time consuming.  I can't wait to take my first soak in my new tub!

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  1. I will be sharing the details of the vanity transformation later this week, but in the mean time since we are finally nearing the finish line, a list of what we have left. http://merky.de/805fcc

  2. That hardware is beautiful, and I love love love your floors! I just went through all of your bathroom posts and I can't wait to see how it all turns out in the end!

  3. Soooooo close to being done! Looks great!

  4. I know. . . I can feel the end in sight!

  5. Thanks Nadia! I'm in love with the floors too! We definitely scored on that tile!