Friday, May 23, 2014

My Friday Five

Happy Friday!  I have SO been looking forward to this Holiday weekend and am happy it is almost here.  I have to go into work for about an hour Saturday morning, and then it will officially be weekend time.

1| The time finally came to trade in my (well it really wasn't mine anymore, as my husband was now driving it) car that I have had nearly my entire adult life.  For some reason this transition has made me feel like we're more "official" adults now that we have shopped for and purchased both of the cars we are currently using, instead of using my trusty car that my dad picked out for me nearly 12 years ago!

2| On our way back from getting our new (to us) car on Monday we stopped off for dinner in Lombard, somewhere we don't frequent, and ate at The D.O.C. Wine Bar.  It was just a place we picked by driving by, and we are glad we did!  It was this cute little wine bar, and as a bonus all bottles of wine were 50% off on Monday.  Plus the food was great, you may have spotted our appetizer on my instagram Monday evening.

3|  Something I've really been trying to focus on lately is how to better manage my stress.  I have a tendency to get stressed out pretty often, especially with the fast paced environment of my career.  This showed up in my e-mail this week and I took it as a sign that I seriously need to focus on becoming more stress free!

The original 17 Reasons To Avoid Stress infographic can be found at .

4| This popped up in my Pinterest feed and is exactly how I feel when trying to manage my stress fails!  And let's be honest, many other times too!

5| I feel like this holiday weekend deserved a slot all of it's own.  It means a short work week for me this week (since my week is Tuesday-Saturday), and extra long weekend, and hopefully some great weather, time with friends, relaxing, and most likely eating to much!

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend to the fullest, see you on Tuesday!

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  1. lol that last ecard, too funny! wish i was a kid again, but this time not wanting to be an adult! haha. that stress thing is fabulous!

  2. haha that ecard was too funny!! Also those food pics. Yum

  3. I loved making forts growing up!!! That stress pictures is a great reminder! Thanks so much for linking up!!