Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Our Escape to Warm Weather

Rewind to about a month ago.  It was the end of March, there was absolutely no hope of spring in the near future.  We had one of the worst winters Chicago has seen in forever.  I was headed into month 6 of sporting my winter jacket.  I'd had enough, and it was then that I decided that Martin and I desperately needed a warm weather getaway.

I definitely over analyze the planning of these things, mostly because I just want to make sure I make the best possible choice.  So I hit up all of my favorite travel sites searching for any and all warm weather deals.  After a few, ok several days of searching I settled on Scottsdale as a destination.  From the beginning we knew this vacation served two purposes, warmth and relaxation.  We wanted to go somewhere nice, but somewhere that we wouldn't feel guilty for not being 'good' tourists and exploring what the area had to offer.  This fit the bill perfectly.

View off our hotel floor over looking The Talking Stick Golf Course
We stayed at The Talking Stick Resort.  I didn't know anything about it before booking, except for the reviews I read online and that it was significantly less pricey then the other resorts in the area.  We paid a little more for our room to stay on their Club Level which included their Club lounge open in the morning for breakfast and in the evening for snacks and drinks.  We really liked the hotel, and I think the lounge was my husbands favorite part of the whole trip!  They had these cute little bottles of champagne, it was great!

I would say we definitely accomplished our mission of warmth and relaxation.  The weather was great, in or nearing 90 everyday.  The first day was pretty overcast, we attempted the pool, but eventually just resorted to one of the hotels outdoor lounging areas to relax and do some reading.  The rest of our trip was bright and sunny and spent poolside!

We did venture out from the hotel some, though it was mostly eating related.  One of the local places we tried, the Tortilla Factory, had the most awesome outdoor dining patio.

It was huge and it had lights strung all over.  Not to mention the temperature at night was absolutely perfect. 

They had some of the best margaritas, we love our Mexican food!

 All in all the trip was exactly what we needed!  It was so nice to not wear a jacket for several days in a row, and to get a little color in my skin - seriously I was beyond the point of pale and starting to become transparent!  I love that this blog helps me to document our journeys and adventures, before I was never the one to be snapping photos.  It just never crossed my mind, until after the fact, like way after the fact - you know months later when you're like "I wish I had some pictures from. . .".  I don't have many, and they may not be the greatest, but one thing is for sure.  They are better than the ones that I don't have!


  1. What an awesome vacation! I've never been to Arizona - but perfect weather year round sounds like a miracle!!

  2. I used to live in Scottsdale! I'm in Tucson now. You came at the perfect time... soon it'll be 100+ degrees out everyday!

    xo Christina

  3. It was perfect! I dunno about the 100+, but right now I'd take anything warm!