Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Living Elegantly: The Honest Company

I had so much fun yesterday with the Liebster Award, I hope that the fun is being carried on today with my nominations!  Today I wanted to share with you a recent find that I'm really liking, The Honest Company.  Have you heard of it?

The Honest Company was founded by Jessica Alba, born out of her quest to find safe, eco-friendly, effective and affordable products for her family and home.  I had heard of her company nearly a year ago, but just recently jumped on the band wagon the last few months.

The Honest Company sells products for baby, bath & body, cleaning, and health & wellness.  All of their products have the Honest Free Guarantee, meaning they do not use health compromising chemicals or compounds.  This is what really drew me in to giving it a try.  It's hard to find products that meet these criteria, and that don't break the bank.  You can read more about it here.

You can purchase all of their products individually, but they also come in bundles.  Diapers & wipes bundle, essentials bundle, and health & wellness bundle.  I saw that you could order a Discovery Kit (trial), for just the cost of shipping, I believe it was $5.95.  Honestly, I think it popped up on my Facebook feed and that was all I needed to take it for a test drive.  So that I did.

It arrived shortly in the mail, with very cute packaging!  It also had a little brochure with it telling me all about The Honest Company and their bundles of products.

My essential bundle that I ordered came with hand soap, healing balm, lotion, shampoo/body wash, and laundry detergent.

The healing balm is a great cream you can use on any skin irritations, and the laundry soap worked great.  I thought I would stick with it for the first month and see.  When you order the kit you are automatically enrolled in their monthly service.  

I found that once I logged into my account you can adjust just about anything having to do with the bundle/monthly service you are signed up for.  Now I think I originally signed up for the most flexible bundle, the one with the most options.  The essential bundle contains personal care and cleaning products, 5 for $35.95.  In your account you can adjust when your bundle is delivered, as well as what 5 products are in your bundle.  Depending on the products you select, you can be getting a great deal.  You also have the option of adding 3 additional products to your bundle at a 25% discount.  I found that I did that because then it can bump you up to $50 which qualifies you for free shipping.

I have now received two bundles and have really liked all the products I have tried so far.  I still have some products that I have purchased but haven't tried out yet.  I love that they are free of chemicals and toxic ingredients.  I think it's a bonus  that they come in cute packages, and are delivered to your door.  With both bundles I have added on additional items bringing my purchase to $50.  For the first bundle the individual cost of all the items I chose would have been $75.60, saving me $25 with the bundle.  The second bundle would have been $82.60 if the items were purchased individually saving me over $30.  I like saving money if you can't tell!

I would definitely recommend giving The Honest Company a try, I think it's a great service and am glad that I gave it a go.  I don't know how frequently I'll keep my bundles, but that's the nice thing - I can just log into my account and adjust my delivery date.  Have you already tried The Honest Company?  What do you think?

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