Thursday, April 24, 2014

Brining Elegance to the Garage: Possible?

Ok, so I know we are in the middle of the bathroom renovation.  Which after a weekend off due to our little getaway I am super excited to get back to this weekend.  In the mean time, my mind has already been rolling with the next project on my never ending to do list.  The garage. 

It is an utter disaster.  Especially right now as we work on the bathroom and it has become an ultimate dumping ground for everything!  We have a decent size 2 car garage and once we wrap up the bathroom renovation I can not wait to get to work on it.  Don't worry, there will be before pictures!

This is what I have in store. . .

1. Insulating the Garage


2. Creating Vertical Storage


3. Peg Boards


4. Hanging Storage


Hopefully with all of these storage zones it will help us have designated places  for everything making it easier to keep it tidy and organized.  Every spring we usually tidy up the garage and do a little clean up, and by the end of the summer it is an utter disaster.  I declare no longer!

What projects are you gearing up for this spring?

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