Monday, April 7, 2014

Bathroom Remodel: Inching Along

I will start with the positive, some progress was made in the bathroom this weekend.  Unfortunately the bath tub is still sitting in our garage.  Hopefully that will not still be the case after tonight!

As anticipated after the smooth go around with the plumbing last weekend, this one, not so much.  I mentioned last week that we had an estimate from a plumber, what I didn't mention was that this plumber on first view of the bathroom asked if we had actually had a tub there before.  When I said yes, he asked if I was sure.  I wanted to say "Well, we have lived here for several years, but no I'm not sure that I've seen a tub in this bathroom everyday!"  But instead I just said "yes".  That's about when my confidence in this project slowly diminished.  See the plumbing for the tub drain was all strange, but somehow it had still worked over the years.

You can see how it looks like a roller coaster, swooping up and down.  It's not supposed to do that, dosen't seem like it would be too effective for draining.

After a little set back (cracking one of the PVC pieces we didn't intend on removing or replacing) and about 5 trips to Home Depot we think we have successfully gotten everything pieced together.

You can see the purple, all the pieces we had to replace that we didn't intend on.  The rest is just fitted together for now.  Our goal for today, to get the tub in from the garage and fit everything to make sure it is all aligned.  This feels like the biggest hurdle of the entire project!  Once this tub is in, it will be full force ahead!  I can't wait!

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