Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Shopping for a Tub

I have to say this has been the hardest part of picking things out for the bathroom renovation.  If your just joining me you can catch up by checking out my motivation for the renovation, and the demolition.  Since I have been dreaming about this project for quite awhile I have been checking out tubs over the last several months, typically at the big box stores as well as at a few outlets we have in the area.

Besides making sure I'm meeting our needs with the tub that we select, the next biggest factor is not "out doing" our neighborhood, if that makes sense?  We live in a neighborhood that was constructed in the mid 80's, full of smaller homes, think 1500 - 1800 square feet.  Some have been updated, most not so much.  I've signed up for a weekly email with houses that go on the market in our area, as well as checking out Zillow from time to time just so I can be up to date with whats going on in our area.  I pretty much never see anything pop up but standard tubs and showers.

Enter my needs, I want something that is deep enough to soak in and easy to keep clean.  That's not asking too much, right?  A few other specifics, it needs to be white, have a left hand drain, and measure 60'' long.  I contemplated jets, but that automatically at least doubles the price, if not triples!  I feel like that is just too much for this bathroom renovation, as well I don't feel like I'd really use them.  I really feel that I would be happy, as long as I could just soak!  From looking around I gathered that deep enough to soak in meant looking for a depth of 19-20''.

On Monday we went out, and I did a little of this.

I had to make sure it was deep enough, it was!  In our area Menards had the best selection of standard tubs down on the floor that you could see, and for me to crawl in.  The ones at Home Depot and Lowe's were more up on display, so you could see them, just not crawl in them.

These are the three I've narrowed it down to.

Menards | Home Depot | Lowe's
They are all pretty similar in look, dimensions, and price.  The only one that has any reviews online is the tub from Lowe's.  They are mostly good, but a few mentions of having cracks and needing to be replaced.  The lack of reviews is the biggest thing that is making me hesitant to pull the trigger.

Right now the one in the lead is the tub from Menards.  I got to see it (and sit in it!) up close and in person, and I liked the feel of it.  Menards also has a promotion going on through Saturday where you receive an 11% rebate on everything bringing the price of the tub down to $212.71.  So pretty much I need to hurry up and make up my mind!

I should probably mention that this is the next piece we need in order to start reconstructing the bathroom, so the sooner we get on it the better!  I wish I had an easier time making these big decisions!

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