Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My Spring Wish List

Here are a few things I am itching to add to my collection this spring.  You'll notice it doesn't include much spring like clothes, I attribute that to the fresh layer of snow I woke up to this morning.  I don't think I can wrap my head around actually being able to wear them any time soon!  Here's to hoping we do get a spring and don't jump right to summer.

A new cell phone case, mine has recently taken a beating and I think this light champagne gold one would be a nice spring update.

The Limited Exact Stretch Skinny cut, I mentioned these in my post the other day on my favorite dress pants.  I actually picked up a pair yesterday, they are still marked down to $29.90, which I think is a great deal!  I'm excited to add them into the mix.

A pair of Hunter Rain Boots, I love all the fun colors they come in.  I think this lipstick color is great and I feel like if you have to wear rain boots its most likely gloomy out so adding in a punch of color is needed.  I'm hoping to find a pair on sale, they randomly show up on some of the sale sights I look through, though they usually sell out in no time.

Statement necklaces (top, bottom), these two actually caught my eye when I was in The Limited the other day.  I think statement necklaces are an easy way to change up a more simple outfit and would like to add more to my collection.  I always see great ones at TJ Maxx and Marshalls as well.

Bare Minerals Liquid Foundation, I have always been a fan of Bare Minerals products and was excited when I saw this in my email.  I'm just about out of my current foundation and would love to give this one a try.  Right now it is just on QVC and not out in stores till May 1st.  I'll be waiting till it comes out in stores so I can give it a try, I always like to see how it feels first.

White Skinny Jeans,  I love these ones by Joe's Jeans.  In fact I love Joe's Jeans, I just won't pay full price for them.  I'll be on the hunt for these, or ones similar, at some of my favorite places to score discount denim like Nordstrom Rack, Off Saks, and they just recently opened a Joe's Jeans outlet close to me.  They are so comfy and I believe in paying a little more for something you'll wear for a long time versus a little less for something that is uncomfortable and only lasts for a season.  Usually I can find them for around $70 or so, if I hit it just right!

Can I also put out there that I am wishing for some spring weather?  That would be more than fantastic!  What's on your Spring Wish List?

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