Monday, March 31, 2014

My Husband the Master Plumber

If you follow me along on Instagram you got a little sneak peak of the bathroom project we tackled this weekend.  This project has a much better outcome than anticipated, I always like when that happens!

The plumbing, the plumbing for the tub to be more exact.  I should forewarn you that neither my husband or I are or have ever been plumbers.  See we always had this little issue with the previous design of the bath, the tub spout and the water handle and shower head were not in line with each other.

It drove me crazy and I thought it made our bathroom look kinda hacked together.  This bathroom was not going back together misaligned.  I knew we could be capable to tackle it ourselves.  When I had remodeled our other bath we had a similar issue and a friend helped me move the pipes.  Though he did most of the work, I saw how it was done and thought that we could easily replicate.  

Though we could do it ourselves, I wanted to get an estimate from a plumber.  If it wasn't going to cost too much, I thought it could be worth my time and sanity to have someone else come in and quickly get it done.  The plumber game me two options; 1 move the spout over to the valve for $100, meaning the pipes would all be in line with each other, but off center in the tub and 2 move the valve over (like I wanted) for $275.  And that didn't even include the new valve I wanted, since I want to install new bathroom hardware which will run me around $125.  Umm, no thank you.  Looks like we were going to tackle this project ourselves.

I found this great refresher, and my husband spent Saturday watching You Tube videos of master plumbers.  I can't tell you the amount of time's he referred to how the master plumbers do it!  

We made our shopping list and headed out Sunday morning, in all we probably spent about $220 on supplies, including our new hardware set for the shower.  We went with the Delta Porter, it is currently on sale at Menards.

Once we were back home ready to go, we shut off all the water, empty the pipes and started cutting away.

We only had to make one trip back to the store for a few extra parts, I think that's a record!  We cut and assembled everything to make sure it was were we wanted and what we needed before any soldering happened.

Everything was looking good, so then we got to work soldering everything together.  This took the most time of the entire project.  


All in all this whole project probably took us about 4 hours, not too shabby.  We finally had everything put together.  This is the part where I imagined the project quickly going down hill, testing for leaks.

We turned the water back on, and success!  I couldn't believe it!  We didn't have one leak.  And trust me we looked for it.  We turned the water on and off several different times, low pressure, high pressure.  We also felt around at all the joints.  This success only makes me worried for the next project we have to tackle, the bathtub drain.  I only hope it goes as smooth!

I love completing projects like this.  We saved a bunch of money, if I had hired the plumber I would have spent $400 ($275 on labor we were quoted plus the $125 for the new hardware), instead we spent nearly half that.  It's also so satisfying to say, we did that!  On to the tub!

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