Monday, March 17, 2014

House Tour: Dinning Room

Welcome to the next stop on my house tour, the dinning room.  In case you need to catch up we have already covered the floor plans, paint colors, laundry nook, guest bedroom, and kitchen.  I haven't had many true before pictures due to a computer crash with no back up in existence.  I did a little digging in my e-mail and was able to find the appraisal from when I bought the house which include some pictures of the property.

I present to you the original state of my dinning room.  I warn you, it is not pretty.  Ok, it's not horrible.  It's the memories that come along with seeing it and how horrible it was to transform, but we will get to that in a second.

You can see that it is not very big.  It came with some wonderful vertical blinds, and Pergo flooring.  What you can not see is that the red went all the way up, up and onto the entire ceiling.  It was also covering the door to the garage which you can not see off to the right hand side.

Let me tell you the story of how my dining room came to be.  Originally I thought the bones were pretty good.  I liked the bead board, I just thought the walls needed a fresh coat of paint and we'd be set.  I noticed there were some cracks and chips in the paint.  So naturally I wanted to get off any of the loose pieces and sand the areas down to prepare them for paint.  I went to remove a loose piece of paint and it just started peeling off like wallpaper.  It was crazy, chunks and chunks of paint were peeling off the walls. It was like it had been applied way to thick, or perhaps it was the quality of the paint used.  I'm not sure, but I had never encountered that happening before.

The room had been painted before the bead board had been put up and broken off pieces of paint were sticking up from the chair rail.  There was no way it was staying.  We had to get all the paint off as best as possible to create a nice smooth surface for the new paint.

Down the bead board came, and low and behold there was wallpaper underneath.  Seriously.  That year my parents and I spent Thanksgiving weekend peeling paint and wallpaper.  Sanding rough edges, and smoothing things out with drywall mud.  Painting, and painting and painting.  I can't even remember how many coats of primer it took us to cover that red ceiling.

All of that just to get a fresh coat of paint on the walls.  Who would have thought.  It stayed just that way for awhile, and then when we were remodeling the kitchen we carried the new engineered hardwood floors through to the dining room.

Here is my dining room today, same view.  Sorry for the bad lighting.

So much better!   The paint color is Squirrel by Behr.  It is my favorite in the entire house.  It's this muddy gray that I feel has a bit of elegance to it.  The dining table, chairs, china cabinet and buffet (that I now use as my TV stand, seen here under my spring mantel) I scored on Craig's List for $250.  They weren't in amazing shape, but they weren't in horrible shape either.  Everything was mid century solid wood.  The table has two leaves that can be put in for additional seating.  I recovered  and painted the chairs.  As well as painting the china cabinet.  My plans have always been to sand down and re-stain the table.  Maybe this will be the year?

You can see how the entry from the garage puts you right there at the table.  I have tried to corral the clutter with a mail station and some hooks on the wall.  But truth be told, this is how my dining room usually looks.

A dumping ground for everything!  I'm working on this not happening as bad or as frequently, we'll see how that goes.

This is the view that you have when walking in from the garage, which is how we enter our house 99% of the time.  I only use the front door when I go for a run.  Like the Charlie photo bomb?  He is a part of the usual view when you come in the door so it only seemed fitting!  You can see straight through to the kitchen.  On the left wall I have my large DIY chalk board that is currently empty waiting for some spring art.  I have to be careful though because my husband feels he has to get creative with his chalkboard "art" when he sees it empty for too long.

To the right of the doorway into the kitchen I have always pictured adding in a small bar cart with some art above.  I worry it will make the small room too crowded.  It needs some more art on the walls for sure, I hope that I can fit in a nice gold cart.

I am not crazy about the light fixture.  The shades always look crooked, no matter what.  I would like to replace it.  There are plans to add crown moulding, as with the rest of the downstairs.  Currently the only room that does have it is the office, and I love it in there.

This room gets a ton of natural light, and I love it.  I also think that's why this room can so easily pull off a darker color.  Thanks for stopping by today, hope you enjoyed my dining room!

TDC Before and After

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