Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bringing Elegance to the Office: Fabric Dilemas

I fully intended to get a post up yesterday, really I did.  I was going to run to JoAnn Fabrics, pick up the fabric I needed to finish the curtains in the office, finish the curtains, photograph the room, and get some after pictures up of this office transformation.  Clearly that did not happen.  I did start on that list, I went to Joann's, I also went to Hobby Lobby, and Ikea and still managed to come home with nothing.

We started on this office transformation here where I shared that I already had these Ikea curtains.  One small problem, they were too short.  They didn't start that way.  When I first bought them, years ago, I was in a hurry to get them up.  I just ironed them, hemmed them with hem tape and threw them up, not thinking anything of it.  A few years down the line, they had seen better days.  I figured I'd throw them in the wash and put them back up, only problem was when I put them back up they were now significantly too short.  Lesson learned, no matter how much of a hurry I am in to get the curtains up, wash them before hemming.

Initially I thought I would just add a small panel on the bottom of a fun fabric.  I already had the curtains, they just needed a little length added.  So why start over?  I'm now questioning that decision after going back and forth on fabrics.  Today was not the first hunt for fabric, nor the second.  I have been looking since before tearing this room apart and just can't seem to decide on the one.

You can see the short panel to the right in the photo I shared a few Friday's ago of my new blogging spot.

Initially I was on the hunt for something grey, perhaps with a pattern.  But after seeing this picture, it just didn't seem right.  I thought that this could be a good opportunity to pull in a little more pink.  I just didn't want it to look disconnected.  The good news is that it can't get worse than it is now.

I was thinking positive this morning when I thought I would just run out to one store and find the one and be back in no time.  Of course, that did not happen.  But I did find some good inspiration, at least I think I did!  I was in Hobby Lobby when I spotted this bolt of fabric.

 I loved the combination of colors.  I did not love the price, it was $29.99 a yard, and marked as a everyday sale of 30% off, meaning I would not be able to use my trusty 40% off Hobby Lobby coupon.  Even still with 40% off, with the few yards that I needed I would be better off just buying new curtains!  I thought maybe I could track it down online, all I had to go with was the it was by P Kaufmann.  Eventually I tracked it down, but with no such luck at finding a cheaper option.  I found it here and here, one option requiring a minimum order of 15 yards at $23.98 a yard, and the other option was priced at $37.95 a yard, no thank you.

I started searching a few other Fabric sites and came up with some other alternatives that felt similar to me.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6
I like them all, but I can not decide what direction I want to go.  Or if using a floral is even the best option.  Maybe I should just stick with a solid, or something more geometric?  Any opinions?  Every time I think I like one, I change my mind.  And now you can see why it takes me so long to finish a room,  I can not make decisions quickly!  Help!

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