Monday, March 24, 2014

Bathroom Remodel: Demo!

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I hope everyone had a nice weekend, so glad I still have one day left in mine.  Though yesterday was well spent, bathroom demolition is now 99% complete!  Last week I lit the fire under my butt to get this project started by sharing my intentions on the blog.  Well thankfully that worked!

This bathroom is so teeny tiny, it has just enough room for the necessities required to make it a full bath.  As mentioned previously, a few years ago I took on a phase 1 makeover.  This phase involved removing the floral wall paper and replacing the vanity, fixtures and lighting.  The tile and tub were getting saved for phase 2.

Here are some pictures of the room in its phase 1 state.  I took them as is.  As in I didn't touch the room before they were snapped, this unfortunately is what it usually looks like.

This side of the room isn't terrible.  The update made a big difference.  Organized it is not, at all, as you can tell by all the products randomly thrown on the shelf.  We don't really use this bathroom consistently, yet that is.

Then you turn around and are faced with the not so pretty side.

The slopped ceiling has made for an interesting shower curtain situation.  There was a similar metal bar there when I purchased the house, it was all rusty and covered in plastic.  I made this one out of PVC during phase 1.  There was an awesome associate at Lowe's at the time who helped me pick out all the right pieces.  I just assembled them, covered everything with a little oil rubbed bronze spray paint, and installed.  It's held up great for the last few years, but it is time to go.

You can't tell in the pictures how gross everything actually is.  All of the grout is now this aged yellow brown color.  There are gobs of caulk everywhere filling in holes and mending seams.  And then there is this tub.  This tub has been a pain since day 1.  I was so excited to have this tub when I was purchasing the house.  Its an air jet tub, I thought yeah a perfect tub for soaking.  The first time I went to clean it and turned on the air jets black gunk came flying out.  It was disgusting.  No matter what I tried, every time I turned them on more black gunk came flying out.  I Googled and read and tried every remedy I could find, no change.  Needless to say this tub has never been a soaking tub for me.  I am so glad to be getting rid of it!  I would love to put in a nice spa tub, but it just doesn't seem right for now.  We are just in our starter home, not our forever home.  The hardest thing for me with this project is staying with what is practical for the resale value and neighborhood and not over doing it.

The bathroom fan/light has always looked like this.  I have always been terrified to discover what I imagine to be a big gaping hole under the base boards that were using to frame out the fan.  All will be revealed soon enough!

Yesterday the hammers came out, and the demo began!

I think this was the closest I have ever come to setting and meeting a realistic DIY goal.  It always feels like "Oh, I'll get this project done in a few hours" and then it ends up taking 3 times longer then that, right?!  My only goal for Sunday was to get the bathroom demo done, and we met it 99%.  The only thing left is the riser the tub was sitting on, which will be coming out this week.

Max had to come check out what all was going on.  You can see that riser still in place.  I can't wait to get rid of it.  There was a little ledge that always stuck out from the tub and stepping over it to get in always felt like you were going to slip and break your neck, no more!

I know it looks like a mess now, but I am so excited to have finally gotten this project started.  I don't doubt that it will take awhile to get finished, seeing as we really only have the weekends to work on it.  But it will get done and it will be worth it!  What projects did you get started on this weekend?

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