Thursday, February 6, 2014

Industrial Elegance: Jewelry Storage

Oh pretty bracelets, I love jewelry.

Combating my jewelry storage seems to be an ongoing battle.  Some may take it as a sign that they have too much jewelry, but me no.  I just continue to add to my collection.  So therefore I need to just figure out a better way to manage it all, of course.  For me I need to see it, otherwise I won't wear it.  If it gets tucked away, out of sight out of mind.  Recently for Christmas I got a new over the door jewelry organizer, it holds a ton of stuff and makes it easy to see it all at once.  Hopefully I will share that soon.  Even though it holds a ton, there is not enough room for apparently the large quantity of bracelets that I own.  So, I decided to get crafty and make some additional bracelet storage.

This was one of the easiest projects, and it didn't take much time at all.  In fact what took the longest was standing in the hardware store, staring at all the pieces, trying to decide what size I wanted to make this thing.  I am pretty good at being indecisive.

For the frame I used all 3/8'' galvanized steel pipe and fittings.  I found mine at Menards, though I know you can purchase them at any hardware store.

For this project you will need:
  • (1) 1/2'' Floor Flange
  • (1) 1/2'' x 3/8'' Bushing
  • (2) 3/8'' x 5'' Pipe
  • (1) 3/8'' x 6'' Pipe
  • (2) 3/8'' Cap
  • (1) 3/8'' Tee

First I wiped down all of the galvanized steel, my hands were filthy after handling it in the store. Then I simply hand screwed all of the galvanized steel pieces together, and used a wrench to tighten them as much as I could.  I picked up a round 5''x5'' wood plaque from Joann's to use as a base.

I liked the industrial feel, but paint was needed to bring the elegance.  I used some leftover paint I had in my paint closet on the base, Squirrel by Behr.  It took three thin coats for full coverage.  Since the coats were thin the drying time was quick.  I covered the galvanized steel with 3 this and even coats of Krylon's Brushed Metallic in Champagne.

I let everything dry for a few hours, and then used 4 short screws to attached the top and base together.  I left the stand to cure for 2 days to make sure I wouldn't be scratching the paint off while using it.  All that was left was to fill it up with jewelry.

I love that it is fully customizable in terms of size, and color.  And that it is easy and inexpensive to make.

Cost break down:
  • Galvanized steel pieces, Menards (used a 14% off bag sale coupon) $10.21
  • Wood Plaque, Joann's $1.59
  • Spray Paint, Joann's (used a 50% off coupon) $3.99
  • Total: $15.79
If you already had the spray paint on hand it would run you even less for the supplies.  And even if you needed to purchase everything for the project it would run you just a few dollars more for a test pot of paint and a few screws.

I have a feeling I will be making more of these in the future.

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