Monday, February 17, 2014

House Tour: Paint Colors

Happy Monday!  My favorite day, if you remember from last Friday's post :)  My extra favorite day this week because we had a work event yesterday, so today is my weekend.

A few weeks ago on the House Tour I shared the floor plans to my house.  I mentioned I have painted every single room since moving in.  I thought I would pull together all of the colors used throughout to give a general feel of my home.  I do know that right now I have a few too many colors and plan to simplify a few rooms in the future.

This is the current color scheme of my home.

Behr Candlelight Ivory: Master Bedroom
Behr Squirrel: Dining Room
Behr Cup of Cocoa: All of the common areas, the living room, hallway, staircase leading upstairs and upstairs landing
Behr Irish Mist:  Office
Glidden Water Chestnut: Upstairs Bathroom, soon to be changed to Irish Mist (I think).
Behr Castle Path: Man Cave
Glidden Spring Cactus: Kitchen
Glidden Martha Stewart River Mist: this is the closest match I could find to the "custom" paint color in my house.  In all actuality I had bought a color, that I can't remember and when I started to put it up it was way too dark.  I ended up mixing the color I had with a gallon of white.  I have used this "custom" mixture in the downstairs bath, laundry nook, and guest bedroom closet.
Glidden Barely Jade: Guest Bedroom

I have to admit, I thought it would be a little more crazy and haphazard when I pulled all the colors together.  I'm glad to see that it feels pretty coordinated, at least to me.  You can see the overall feel is pretty calm colors.  I like to keep the base of the rooms pretty neutral allowing me the freedom to change up the accessories when I feel bored with a space. 

The Spring Cactus brings a nice cheery punch to the kitchen.  And my favorite color of the whole house is the Squirrel in the dining room.  I have used every shade off of that paint chip somewhere in the house, on various pieces of furniture or decor.  The Irish Mist in the office is actually off of that same paint chip as well.

We will see how things evolve and spaces get made over and changed.  We are planning a major overhaul for the upstairs bathroom, which I can't wait to get started.  Most of the supplies have been purchased, I will share the details soon!

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